hair care tips for men -

7 Haircare Tips for Men

January 8, 2015 wholikeit 0

Haircare is equally important for both men and women. Even men face terrible hair issues like dandruff, hair loss or rough hairs. It is advisable […]

7 causes of asthma -

7 Causes of Asthma

October 24, 2014 wholikeit 0

1) Pollutant or Dust Particles: Asthma attacks are often triggered in high polluted areas. Due to high pollution the air particles get mixed with dust […]

health benefits of garlic -

7 Health Benefits of Garlic

September 23, 2014 wholikeit 0

Garlic is one the best healthiest vegetables, that cures numerous health problems. Even doctors prescribe to have raw garlic, to increase your immune power and […]