7 Tips to Optimize your Website Speed

tips to optimize your website speed - wholikeit.com

tips to optimize your website speed - wholikeit.com

Website optimization is the best way to increase the website speed and increase the number of daily visitors. If your website is optimized properly, you will get more page visits and a great search engine ranking on the web. If the website page opens up fast, it will have a positive impact on the visitors’ mind. But if the page loading takes huge time, it will irritate the visitors and they would switch to any other website.
Here, are few simple steps that can effectively speed up your websites and get more page traffic.

1) Optimizing Images: The images of your website needs to be optimized properly. The best software, which can be used for the purpose of image optimization, is Adobe Photoshop. The quality and resolution of the images should be properly adjusted and then inserted in your web pages. An appropriate image sizing should also match with the content and the color scheme of the website. After image optimization, upload those images on your website and get more page visits.

2) Optimizing Videos: If you are inserting a video on the website, try to get it optimized properly. If you are creating customized videos using windows movie maker or some other video making software, try to optimize it. If the video quality is not supported by HD support, try to save it in a normal mode. If you are uploading your videos on Google Youtube, select embed to get the code. Put this code in your website and save your website’s space.

3) Optimizing CSS Files: Also optimize the CSS files of your websites. These CSS files occupy great space and make the loading capacity slow. To avoid such difficulty, try to minify those CSS files in Google and get rid of the extra spaces. This will minimize the loading time of your website and the website information will be stored safe and secure.

4) Search for Missing or Bad Links: Searching for missing links would not increase the website speed, but greatly enhance the speed of the web crawlers. If the website shows 404 errors, check the link of that particular error page. Check those links from the website and try to restore them.

5) Use Google Webmaster Tool to Find Out Optimizing Errors: You can also use Google to find your optimizing errors. You can select webmaster tools and then check the speed of the website from Google webmasters. Choose your particular website and then navigate to other resources and then go to page Speed insights. You will get all the detailed information of your website speed and how to improvise your optimization.

6) Having a Dedicated Server: If the website has a proper server support, it can run at a high speed. Choose a web hosting company, with good support service. With great server service, your website speed can remain high and efficient.

7) Implementing Google’s Page Speed: By implementing Google’s page speed you can successfully optimize your website speed. This can be easily implemented within your Google Webmaster Tools or as a Google Chrome extension.

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