10 Things Make your Website Design More Attractive

web designing tips - wholikeit.com

web designing tips - wholikeit.com

1)  The most important part of the website to make it more catchy and exclusive is the appropriate choice of color schemes. The colors used in designing of the website must be vibrant and should match the type of services offered by that particular website. The color scheme can be of three types, analogous, monochromatic and complementary. For example, if your website is an online shopping portal, the color should be very cheesy and vibrant. On the other hand, if it is a job portal the color should be soothing and light shades to be used. The choice of color portrays the work of the website.

2) The second thing you should keep in mind is the selection of background theme and proper designing of the templates. The theme should be very consistent and should properly display the contents of the WebPages. The color and designing of the theme reflects on the overall presentation of the web content to the user. Hence, it is very important to choose your themes with a consistent color scheme and layout designing. The layout theme and the color tone should complement each other.

3) You also need to choose your fonts very wisely. A great website always attracts the user, with the correct and proper usage of fonts in the article or blog writing. Hence, when you are selecting the font for your website content, you need to first check the total length of the content. If the content is very large you need to use the same type of font with steady font size and pattern. A lengthy content with variation in font size can look a bit clumsy. The fonts should be simple and easily readable.

4) Always try to focus on the quality of the content that is being published on the website. The web content forms a major part of web designing. Always try to identify your potential customers and place interesting contents in your websites. The articles or blogs should be very interesting and engaging for the audience. You writing should always be creative, unique and informative for the readers. The web content should provide the detailed information about the company history, product categories, services, company details, contact details etc.

5) Always try to get rid of clumsy and unorganized themes and backgrounds. Check the website properly and remove all clashing colors, clumsy images, unappealing graphics, on-readable fonts or web text. If your website is not organized properly, it will surely pay a negative impact on your visitor’s mind.

6) Always try to design the website in a more organized and user friendly manner. The visitor should easily get to know about all the detailed information from your website very easily. If you want to gain the attraction of your targeted audience, keep the website design simple and make it user friendly. You can also have an online support assistant on your website, who can help the users online through chat support.

7) The company logo should definitely be designed by professional hands. A logo plays a huge role in designing a website. The logo should always suit the type of business and the color scheme of the logo should be selected wisely. A logo designing company uses the advanced technology and creates the logo very efficiently.

8) The website should look smart and professional. All the information tabs must be accurately placed on the website. The basic look and the aspects of the website must be simple and should not confuse the visitors while navigating through the website.

9) When you hire a web development company, to design your company website provide them detailed information about your services and products. These will help them to design the layout according to the industry standards and reach out to the targeted audience.

10) Lastly, the pictures or videos uploaded on your websites should also take minimal time of loading. The loading time should be very fast; otherwise the visitors may get frustrated and switch to some other websites.

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