What is Web Application Firewall?

web application firewall security - wholikeit.com

web application firewall security - wholikeit.com

The online Payment Card Data Industry has used numerous techniques and efficient card security methods to avoid any kind of fraudulent credit card uses or payments. The technique of web application firewall prevents any misuse of credit or debit cad transactions. The technique helps to control any kind of discrepancy and protects the personal information or pin to get leaked. All merchants or shop retailers are advised to use the system of web application firewall, to prevent any security issues in their respective card payment systems.

The effective technique of web application firewall is introduced by some of the leading credit card companies including MasterCard, American Express and Visa. The system is safely protected from any system error and the PCI Data Security Standard Compliance take great care of the customer’s essential data. The customer should feel at ease, to use their credit cards and providing their personal information to the retailers. The standards set by the PCI Data Security Standard are strictly followed by the credit card companies.

The PCI Data Security Standard Compliance has set some definite rules for the usage of credit cards. Some of essential benefits of using web application firewall includes:–

1) Provides a firewall protection, to stop encryption of essential data.

2) Creates an additional customer password, which efficiently replaces the vendor supplied data for safety purpose.

3) Protects the important data, already stored in the vendor system.

4) Encrypts the data, which needs to be transmitted.

5) Does the necessary updating of antivirus software.

6) Makes the system and application secure and safe.

7) Each card holder is provided with unique username and password.

8) Monitors the activities of security processes on a regular basis.

9) Implements the essential information security policy into the card payment system.

With the efficient use of web security software, which is also known as Web Application firewall, one can strictly prevent the loss or decryption of important credit card information. A firewall prevents loss of personal data and also makes your web application safe and secure to use. The security software updates your antivirus software regularly, and monitors the performance of the system. Additionally, it blocks attacks of any unwanted or harmful code, viruses, and malware and protects your system. This helps to filter all harmful components from attacking your system and ensures high security at the vendor end. If any, hacker gains access to your credit card payment system all the personal information will be lost. The customer has to suffer huge loss and the vendor will be responsible for such loss. The unauthorized access will give the complete hold of important data and he can easily use the information to make fraudulent transactions.
Web application firewall can be offered by any of the web hosting service. So, before hiring any web hosting service, inquire about the firewall services provided by them

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