What is SQL Injection and an Example?

what is sql injection - wholikeit.com

what is sql injection - wholikeit.com

SQL Injection is an effective hacking technique employed by professional hackers. In this technique the hacker tries to inject SQL commands (statements) through certain web applications, which immediately affects the database operation. The database server then can be easily accessed by the hacker and they can get the complete list of the data stored in the database.

It is basically a web attack mechanism to hack your websites and get all the information about your bank accounts and personal details. Professional hackers use the mechanism of SQL injection to steal important data of your organization from your company website. It is one the most advanced technique of website hacking where changes are made in the application layer of the database server. The technique uses certain improper coding of your web applications and injects those codes into your database server. As soon as the code enters into your application server, the hackers easily gain the access of your database and can get all your personal information’s efficiently. The SQL codes are highly sensitive and can easily be corrupted using such SQL injection. Majority of the company website maintain a central database system. They usually store all the login information of their clients or users, financial account details into the database server. These credentials are highly important and should be stored with great privacy. Login credentials, payment information, bank account details, company records are very important data for any company or organization. These online websites are the main part of their business prospects. They sell and reach out to their customers through these company websites. But if their websites get hacked through the technique of SQL injection, all the information will be leaked out. This will hamper both company’s reputation and business goals.

Example of SQL Injection

The technique of SQL injection can be explained through a simple example. Now, consider a login page of any website. The user enters his login credentials like username and password, to pass through the authentication process and enter into the website. Whenever the user submits any details or information in the website, an SQL query is generated in the backend and send to database for verification. If the entry is valid, the changes are made and the access is granted to the user. In other words, the login page of the web application makes a constant communication with the database server.

By using the technique of SQL injection, the hacker inputs some SQL commands from external source. As soon as the user enters the login credentials on the login page the information reaches out to the hacker. He gets direct access to the database server and all the information get leaked out. This type of discrepancy only happens if the input entered are not sanitized or checked through other checking processes.

In the process of SQL Injection, the hacker may insert specific malicious SQL commands into the coding. But these attacks can be avoided by using parameterized queries in the code. Some of the dynamic script languages that seem to get affected by SQL injection attacks include:–

  • ASP
  • PHP
  • CGI
  • JSP
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