What is File Vulnerability and Example?

what is file vulnerability - wholikeit.com

what is file vulnerability - wholikeit.com

If you are the user to upload files on your website, you are definitely increasing your chances of getting attacked by several malicious codes. There are numerous websites where you can attach or upload your documents. But in such cases the server of the website has the huge possibility to get attacked by the harmful attack of the hackers. This type of hacking of the websites is generally termed as file vulnerability or local file inclusion. Although in today’s modern industry, there always exists huge competition between the websites and their user friendly functionality. And if you don’t allow the user to upload the essential documents, it may affect the working efficiency of your business. Generally this type of file uploading options is more or less provided by each and every social networking site, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Picassa etc. You can easily upload your pictures and share them through these social networking sites. The document uploading option is provided with all the e-commerce websites, forums, e-portals, e-banking sites etc. Even the internet has offered the option of uploading videos through YouTube and Facebook. Users can enjoy this efficient function of uploading files and sharing them through this wide platform of the Internet.

But the more convenience, you provide to your end users, your website will have more chances of getting hacked. The hackers always try to use different hacking techniques to make your website vulnerable. If they are successful in inserting certain harmful codes at your application level, your complete website and the important information can be hacked efficiently.

There were several researches, which were conducted to check the security status of the websites. And the tests have proved that most of the websites do not possess a secure file upload system. The systems of file uploading could be easily hacked and the hosting server was turned vulnerable and infected. Hence, the website owners should take corrective measures to implement the safest file upload system on their website. This can easily reduce the chances of file vulnerability.


File vulnerability is often causes, if the validation is not secured and authenticated. We are aware of the fact that a file upload form generally comprises of the HTML code and a PHP script. The form is generally displayed in the HTML format and the coding is stored in the PHP script. When any file is uploaded on the website, through the file uploading system the hacker can easily upload any malicious PHP file. This can further attack the application server and can infect the complete website.

To avoid this kind of hacking attacks, the validation of the input fields must be properly done. The user should not be allowed to upload any PHP file through the uploading system.

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