What is a Secure Site and How to Secure a Site?

What is a secure site and How to secure a site - wholikeit.com

What is a secure site and How to secure a site - wholikeit.com

What is a secure site?

The matter of internet and website security is the major concern for most of the website owners and the internet users. If you are surfing a secured website, you’re less prone to lose your confidential data like personal or bank account information. Your data can be safely entered into a secured site. A secure site helps to establish a safe connection between the web browser and the website. The best thing, that implies, whether a website is secure or not is the notation “https”. If the url starts with the notation ‘https’ where the letter ‘s’ stands for secured, it implies that the website is safe and secure to use. Additionally, if the website contains a symbol of yellow colored padlock on the lower right side of the browser window, it indicates the website to be a secure site.

If your website is not secured, it can lose traffic, search engine rankings, and user’s view. Website insecurity issues like malware, cross site scripting, spyware or Trojan viruses, can cause great harm to your website business.

How to secure a site?

  • Choose the best web hosting service for the website-The decision of choosing your web hosting service must be taken wisely. Many people opt for cheaper and low grade web hosting services, which may lead to have security issues. Some of the cheap web hosting company offer shared hosting services, at extremely low rates. But this can be risky for your website. If any other website on the shared hosting gets hacked, automatically your website will also be affected. To minimize such security risks, you need to approach a reputable service provider and opt for a premium web hosting service, at competitive rates. They would provide VPS hosting and minimize the risks of security hazards.
  • Keep all the software’s up to date and uninstall unused software’s-You need to keep your entire antivirus and important software’s up to date. If the security is high, hacker would not be able to enter into such secured space.
  • Usage of strong passwords can increase the security of the site-Always try to use strong passwords including combination of number, alphabets and symbols. Make it difficult for the hacker to even break such strong password.
  • Keep back-up of your complete website-Due to some unavoidable circumstances, if the website gets hacked, you may lose your complete data. To avoid such issues, always keep a backup of all your important files.
  • SSL Certification-If any website is certified by SSL certification, it is highly secure site.SSL is basically a protocol, that provides internet security for the websites. If the website has SSL certificate, you can trust that site and enter your confidential information and personal details.
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