What is a Hacker?

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what is hacker - wholikeit.com

Hackers are named so, because they perform the activity of hacking websites, by applying numerous advanced techniques. Hackers are also popularly named as the internet predators. The term hacker is generally applicable for someone, who attempts to break into computer systems and get into the coding, wherever necessary. In the early 1960s, the term hacker was used for any computer programmer. The hacker was a person, who did all the programming stuffs and was aware of various computer languages. In recent days, the term hacker is associated with malicious intent, who steals important information like personal identity or vital details, by using the computer codes and effective phishing techniques.
These hackers make use of numerous hacking techniques like phishing, sending spam mails or spyware. The main motive of such attacks is to steal important information’s and harm your computer. Once the computer gets hacked, all your personal identity will be stolen and your computer can be controlled by the hackers only. These hackers will then use your vital information and make transaction and do all stealing. When it comes to criminal acts, hackers are the most dangerous people in the world of internet.
In fact, there are so many different kinds of hackers and they have been grouped according to their different hacking abilities and intention of hacking.

  • Script Kiddies: These are the least dangerous hackers, because they use low level hacking techniques, which can cause less destruction. They are not aware of the advanced hacking skills and cause less harm to your system.
  • Blue Hat Hackers: These hackers are named after Microsoft-type hackers and their main responsibility is to debug various systems, to find any error in the coding. These hackers use their high level hacking technique, to guarantee that the system is secure and free from bugs or errors.
  • Black Hat Hackers: These hackers use the technique of hacking for the purpose of fun and enjoyment. They are medium to high level hackers, who have average skill of hacking. But their intentions can be malicious and can cause harm to your coding.
  • Gray Hat Hackers: The gray hat hacker is the most dangerous of all the hackers. They are highly skilled people, who are completely aware of the complex phishing or hacking techniques.
  • White Hat Hackers: Like the Blue Hats, the white hat hackers are also the good people. They are also known as ethical hackers and they perform legal hacking and generally work with manufacturers and system owners to improve security of the system. They possess the best of intentions and have a clearly defined code of ethics that can suit different organizations.
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