7 Tips to Prevent your Website from SQL Injection

tips to prevent from sql injection - wholikeit.com

tips to prevent from sql injection - wholikeit.com

SQL Injection is a type of website attack that seems to destroy the security quotient of the sites and makes it more vulnerable. The hacker enters malicious SQL commands into the web code and the back-end database is affected. The contents or records of the database become visible for the hackers and they can get the complete information about the website. This type of SQL injection attack generally occurs when the data entered by the user is not made to pass through a proper validation process. The corrupted commands can easily enter the website and can lead in SQL injection attacks. The specially crafted user’s command can affect the application and the database server. The hacker gains the complete power to delete, create or edit the data stored in the database table. The hacker also gets convenient access to various important data like bank account details, login credentials, credit card number, social security passwords etc. Hence, for any website it becomes utmost essential to prevent the SQL injection and maintain the privacy of their data records. The website owners should definitely take requisite steps to protect their website from this type of attacks and keep their businesses in best progress.

Let us broadly discuss about the few essential tips to prevent the website from SQL injection attack:–

1) Proper Validation: If you adopt a stronger input validation technique in your website, your authentication process will be genuine and it will prevent the hacker to enter any harmful commands. Whenever you enter your login details on the website, it should be followed with a Catpcha checking, to prevent any kind of piracy.

2) Prepared Statements: The best process to avoid the attacks of SQL injection attacks is to use parameterized queries or ORM, to avoid any kind of complexities. This method reduces the chance of entering vulnerable commands into your website code. The PHP data objects or better known as PDO can also help to prevent the attacks of SQL injection.

3) Avoid Exec Command: Always try to avoid the use of exec command in the programming structure of your SQL commands. Most of the SQL injection attacks are caused due to this open exec commands.

4) Delete Unused Stored Procedures: The most popular method to eliminate the complexity of SQL injection attack is to delete all the stored procedures from your system, if the procedures are no longer required.

5) Less Privilege: Always try to make sure that the user gets less privilege to get access to the database server. The database server should be kept remote and should be least disturbed from the user’s end.

6) Filter Entire User’s Entry: Always try to filter the entire user’s entry into the website properly. This will definitely remove the harmful commands entering or affecting the database server.

7) Avoid use of ‘sa’ Account: Always try to avoid the use of any ‘sa’ account and never allow this account to connect to the database server. As soon as the ‘sa’ account gets the optimum connection with the database, the hackers try to infuse harmful codes in the database server.

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