7 Tips to Enhance Your Online Security

tips to enhance your online security - wholikeit.com

tips to enhance your online security - wholikeit.com

Online security has become one of the major necessities for most of the internet users. The usage of internet has grown day by day. But with the launch of the great platform, there comes come security drawbacks. The issues regarding online theft like credit card or debit card information leakage or identity theft has done by means on internet hacking. Hence, it is extremely crucial to keep our important information safe and secure. There are many tips to enhance your online internet security.

1) Install Antivirus in Your System: To avoid unwanted phishing, it is highly advisable to install antivirus software and other software security software’s on your system. It is required to protect the private account details from the hackers and this upgraded antivirus software is effectively programmed to protect against hackers and viruses. To reduce the online theft, it is recommended to install branded antivirus software on your system and update it regularly from the internet.

2) Check SSL Certificates of E-Commerce Websites: The websites should be SSL certified, which ensures about the secured online payment method. If the payment gateway is secure, one can easily make the payment of the online shopping using credit or debit cards. In such cases, the personal detail remains safe and is not visible to any hackers.

3) Do Not Share Mail IDs: People should also be aware of not sharing their mail Id’s with any unknown person. They should also not share the mail Id’s to different websites on the internet. Always read the privacy statements of the website and enter your details accordingly. There is no reason to share your ID and get spam mails (demanding money or personal details, fraudulent job offer letters).

4) Use Strong Passwords: Password should be chosen very sensibly. Do not simply use your name or your father’s or mother’s name as your password. As it is very simple for the hackers, to hack your personal details and get access to your accounts. The best way of choosing a sensible password is to adopt a new method, which comprises of a non-dictionary word that is a combination of upper case and lower case letters with numeric digits. Be aware of not using the same password for all of your accounts.

5) Check HTTPS: A website address starting with HTTPS, ensures about it security. But if the website name starts with HTTP, it is not completely secure. You can first check your address bar and check about the security of the website. Without HTTPS, you should not enter any personal information.

6) Don’t Add Everybody on Your Social Networking Account: Avoid the habit of adding unknown friends in your friend list of your social networking accounts. It will disclose your personal information and your accounts can be easily hacked.

7) Avoid Downloading Pirated Stuffs: It is strictly restricted to download pirated movies or software’s from any illegal website. It opens the path for the Trojan viruses to enter your system and cause huge data loss or corruption.

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