5 Reasons to Choose Android Mobile Technology

Reasons to Choose Android Mobile technology - wholikeit.com

Reasons to Choose Android Mobile technology - wholikeit.com

In recent days, android is the best selling mobile platform used by almost most of the reputed mobile companies in India. Mobile phones are designed using android technology and it is the second ranking operating platform after iOS. Android mobile technology is giving tough competition to wide range of iPhones and iPad. Android is open system software, which can be customized according to the manufacturer’s needs and requirements. Mobile manufacturers are depending upon this android technology, for their mobile development aspects.

Organizations need to hire any experienced professional software development company, to program their android system and design their mobile apps. Android application development has numerous benefits over traditional Windows platform, which were used in earlier days. In this article we are discussing about the major benefits of Android application for your mobile development.

1) Huge Returns and Low Budget: The platform of Android technology is an open source technology. It can be programmed and customized according to manufacturer’s convenience and no licensing charges are required for those developments. Moreover, many software programmers are quiet aware of android development. Organization can easily hire these resources at very reasonable rates. Thus the development cost is extremely low and affordable. If the apps designed by your professional developers are liked by users, you may even earn profit and huge returns from your android apps. The android app market can be the best marketplace to sell your apps and get noticed by millions of users.

2) Affordable Cost of Development: Application development for Android platform can be carried out at extremely affordable rates. The android software can be easily downloaded and programmed using android programming tool.

3) Advanced Integration: Android mobile platform is one of the best operating system for inter application integration. In many cases, you may require to integrate several apps and develop a unique app of high rating. These can be easily done using Android platform. This extraordinary feature of advanced integration has attracted many android developers to experiment with their skills on this platform and to innovate new and unique applications.

4) Customization: Android system can be easily customized and programmed according to user convenience. Essential features like icons on menu, weather details, opening screen and live RSS feeds can be customized.

5) Multitasking: Android offers superior multitasking capabilities, which makes the device faster and convenient to operate. Large number of background processes can be kept running at the same time.

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