5 Best Features of Latest IPhone 6

features of latest iPhone 6 - wholikeit.com

features of latest iPhone 6 - wholikeit.com

The latest version of Apple’s iPhone series iPhone 6 was launched in the year 2014 worldwide and the expected launch date in India is 4th February, 2015.The salient features of the latest iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus has few enhanced specifications to roll over your requisite necessities. This version of iPhone has larger screen size, high zoom capability, increased camera pixel size and high memory size. However, the biggest and most essential enhancement of this iPhone is its operating system, iOS 8. With this new version, the manufacturing company Apple has made some major changes in mobile’s features and user interface. Iphone 6 succeeded the earlier version of iPhone due to some special enhanced and revised features. Some of the exclusive features of latest iPhone 6 are further discussed below:–

1) Larger Screen Size: The screen size of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6/plus are as follows:–

  • iPhone 6 – 4.7-inch screen
  • iPhone 6 Plus – 5.5-inch screen

Compared to all the earlier versions of iPhones these models have bigger screen size and     slimmest body. The camera has improved pixel quality for better image capturing needs.

2) Google Wallet: Both the latest versions of iPhone are incorporated with the best feature of online payment system. The payment procedure can be simply operated through Google wallet, where the mobile can be kept linked with your personal credit card details. So, it can be easier to make payments faster, without wasting much time, to enter data. Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint reader analyses the identity of the individual and the payment for an online transaction can be done with great ease.

3) High Battery Backup: Both iPhone 6 and iPhone6 plus have great battery backup feature, to keep your mobile ON for longer duration of time.

4) Optical Image Stabilization: The picture quality of the camera being great and the iPhone has special added feature of Optical image stabilization, which eliminates any blurring effect of the images. With shaking hands you can easily click images of high quality. Moreover, images of moving objects can also be clicked best by iPhone 6.This feature of iPhone6 makes the image processing much simpler.

5) 1080p Video Recording: Video recording of HD quality 1080p can be effectively done using iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. With the latest version of iPhone, you can conveniently record all of your videos in full 1080p HD at either 30 fps or 60 fps. The video is extremely clear, concise and crisp.

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