5 Best Brands to Use Android Technology

best brands to use Android technology - wholikeit.com

best brands to use Android technology - wholikeit.com

Android application development or the so called Smartphone’s are in huge demand in the growing market of technology. These latest technological phones have become an ardent or indispensable part of our daily life. Whether it’s about paying bills, connecting to social networking site, uploading pictures, booking movie tickets or checking the weather forecast, this single gadget does it all. Most of the people have become addicted in using this Android applications and life has become much simpler. The newly launched Android Apps has made this Android technology more popular and advantageous.
All the Smartphone users are very comfortable in using these latest technology devices. Due to the user friendly interface and its simplicity to use with a single touch, the technology has flooded the vast market of mobile devices. The innovative Android features can support in various fields of our lives. Various mobile brands are undoubtedly taking the huge advantage of the Android technology and launching the new mobile devices in the market. The android applications are not only benefiting the users, but bringing a huge fame and fortune to the mobile brands also. Due to the vast array of mobile features and Android Apps, the mobile devices have reached to every citizen of the country.
The major perspective of the mobile brands is to earn their profit and expand their business through the use of the latest Android technology mobile phones. The increasing demand of the Android applications, definitely need the best Android developer, who should have the complete technical knowledge with the latest market trends of mobile phones. As the Android technology is an open source platform, it is to be presented in the most unique way with various essential features added to the gadget. The Android technology is a multi user Linux platform, which can support the running of various added applications.

Some of the useful features supported by the Android technology in the mobile phones include:–

  • supporting multiple languages.
  • High compatibility with Bluetooth, WI-Fi, WIMAX, GSM networks.
  • supports different multimedia formats like AMR, MP3, PNG, BMP, GIF, MIDI and many more
  • can be reliably used in multi-touch support devices
  • Utilizes JavaScript engine based browser for fast internet access.

According to the latest survey of (Q2 2014) in India, the topmost mobile brands to use Android technology are as follows:–

1) Samsung: Samsung is among the best mobile brands to use the Android technology. There are wide varieties of Samsung phones available in the market, which has been designed with the different versions of the Android technology. The price range of the phones being affordable. Samsung has acquired a market share of 29 percent, according to (Q2-2014).

2) Micromax: Micromax has used the innovative Android platform and designed its mobile phones, with the latest features of Android Apps.The price range of this brand being very cheap, it has flooded the market of android phones and occupied the 2nd position in the list. Micromax has acquired a market share of 18 percent, according to (Q2-2014).

3) Karbonn: Karbonn has successfully maintained the 3rd position in the list. Karbonn has acquired a market share of 8 percent, according to (Q2-2014).

4) Lava: The latest brand has come up with the Android technology phones and secured a great position in the Indian market. Lava has acquired a market share of 6 percent, according to (Q2-2014).

5) Motorola: Being a popular mobile brand, due to excessive price ranges the brand occupies 5th position in the list. Motorola has acquired a market share of 5 percent, according to (Q2-2014).

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