What is Pay Per Click?

what is pay per click - wholikeit.com

what is pay per click - wholikeit.com

Pay per Click is a model, which is mostly used in online websites and used for the purpose of advertising. Whenever any visitor clicks or visits that particular website, the advertiser gets paid for the visit or click. The advertising is done through online websites and blogs, advertising networks and search engines. Pay per click is one of the popular search engine optimization techniques, to attract potential customers to any particular business websites. Proper usage of keywords increases the search engine ranking and whenever any user visits that website, the company can earn profit.

Some of the queries regarding Pay per Click are discussed below:–
How does the technique of PPC (Pay per Click) work?

Whenever any potential customer searches any keyword or phrase on the search engine (Google), the search engine will provide separate lists of paid and unpaid results. Depending upon your requirement you may visit the website to gather information or avail online services. And on opening the website, it will follow additional links with advertisements embedded with images. If any customer clicks on those advertisements, the website can earn money. Moreover, in the websites the advertisements can also be included on the top, bottom, left hand side or right hand side of the results page. Whenever any visitor, clicks on those advertisements, the website gets paid and this technique can be one of the most cost effective techniques to earn money.

Why the technique of PPC is so effective in online marketing?

The technique of PPC is quite similar to search engine optimization technique. In PPC, the advertiser uses keywords and then the website is optimized accordingly. Constant monitoring is also required to keep track of your visitors. But in the technique of PPC, it is most likely to generate faster results for your business, than normal SEO techniques. Pay per Click can deliver quick results within just 48 hours and the website owner can earn high return from the investment.


What are the different categories of Pay per click techniques?

The effective technique of Pay per Click is broadly classified into two types; the content match or the keyword category and the product advertisers. In content match technique, the advertisements matching the content of the website are displayed on the website page. If any visitor clicks on those ads, the website owner can earn profit. In product advertisers, advertisements of different products are linked via additional web pages.

Which popular search engines make use of PPC technique?

Some of the popular search engines, which are the most noted Pay per click search engines are Baidu, Yandex, Miva, Look Smart, Ask, Microsoft as Center, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Google AdWords. All these search engines use the effective PPC technique to earn money from advertisements.

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