What is Link Popularity?

WHAT is link popularity - wholikeit.com

WHAT is link popularity - wholikeit.com

Link popularity is one of the prime factors which determine the search engine ranking of your website. If the link popularity of the website is high, it will get high page ranking of the search engine results. A website’s link popularity is calculated by computing the total number of quality links pointing to a web site.

Brief History of Link Popularity:

To get a brief concept of so called link popularity and how it affected on the ranking of the search engine results, you need to know the complete history of link popularity. In earlier days, the website’s search engine ranking was primarily based upon the keyword usage and number of times keywords used in the content and the Meta tags of the main web page. But later on, the web developers realized that this process of keyword usage was not suitable to possess search engine rankings. In fact, many of the websites started using a trick by cramming the keywords in their web pages and getting better ranking.

So, the process was completely transformed and the search engine rankings were now dependent upon the link popularity. If greater number of quality links was attached with the website main page, the particular website would have topmost search engine rankings. This method worked great and the web developers used this modern technique of link popularity to optimize their websites.

Eventually, website owners tried to experiment with different processes of SEO optimization and getting high page ranking on the search engine. One of such popular method includes appropriate usage of link farms. In a link farm, huge numbers of additional links were present and adhered in a group. But the quantity was paid less importance. The search engines starts paying more emphasis on the quality of links. . Now the websites, which had higher number of excellent quality links, were favored by the web masters and they secured great ranking on the search engine. Link popularity became one of the effective and the latest technique of SEO optimization by most of the SEO experts.

Link popularity can be Established in Different Ways:

  • Get the website enlisted in popular directories-If your website is enlisted in topmost reputable directories like DMOZ or Yahoo, you will get better link popularity for your website. These directories help you to achieve excellent quality inbound links, linked with your website.
  • Include best quality website content-The best way to achieve quality links with your web pages, is to have excellent quality website content on your web pages. The content must be free from grammar and plagiarism errors. This allows your website to get inbound links from popular websites on the internet. If your content quality is poor and simply copied from other websites, you may not get good links or get enlisted in any reputable directories. Including error free and informative articles in your website content is one of the best ways of achieving high page ranking and getting high quality links.
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