10 Hidden SEO Tricks You Never Know

hidden seo tips - wholikeit.com

hidden seo tips - wholikeit.com

1) Relevent Keywords: For getting great ranking in search engine you should always know to use the keywords properly in the content. These phrases must be suitably placed to help the web crawlers locate your content easily. You also need to have adequate knowledge of keyword density.

2) Unique Content: Always try to keep your content unique and fresh. Hence, regular updating of the content is very essential, to keep your WebPages on the top list of search engine ranking. A search engine will always track the updating routine of your website. It is therefore advisable to frequently change the contents and keep them updated.

3) Meta Title: You can also include effective Meta tags and attractive titles for the articles. The search engine always searches with respect to the title search provided by the user and always tries to match the entity. Hence, the title needs to be eccentric and catchy, to draw the attention of the reader towards your website. The lengths of the Meta tags generally vary from 150-160 characters.

4) Google Adwords: The best strategy of optimizing your search engine outcome is the usage of a popular tool named Google AdWords. Using this effective tool you can come across the popular keywords used while Google searching. This helps to build up your phrases and Content title adequately.

5) Avoid Javascript: Always try to avoid JavaScript while writing your WebPages. There are lots of complications caused due to the usage of JavaScript and the search engine completely avoids the content placed in the script.

6) Avoid Hidden Text: Always try to avoid the use of hidden text or links on the websites. This will make your website a spam one and will lead to a poor ranking in search engine optimization.

7) Code to Text Ratio: For achieving the highest ranking in the search engine optimization, you need to maintain a code ratio in your website that is generally known as the high signal-to-noise code. This code implies that the source code is much lower than the written content or text in the website. Alternatively it means that the article should contain more text element than the HTML code, to get high SEO ranking.

8) Valid HTML: Always try to make sure that your website content is written in compatible HTML format, which can be accessed easily. This will increase the readability of your web content and also the search engine can match the entity easily.

9) Quality Code: When you are trying to implement SEO for your website and making great efforts to increase the visibility, try to ensure about the quality coding of your website. Try to code the complete content efficiently and try to avoid complicated JavaScript or Flash Content. The search engine spiders find it difficult to search with any messy codes. Hence, to avoid any complicacy try using simple codes and enhance the SEO ranking.-

10) Link Building: Always try to build and place your links wisely. You can initialize the process of link building by crafting the foundational links from some trusted directories. If you have placed your high quality links in proper place, you will definitely achieve high SEO ranking.

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