What Are The Pros And Cons Of Setting Up A Cloud Based Phone System

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Setting Up A Cloud Based Phone System - wholikeit.com

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Setting Up A Cloud Based Phone System - wholikeit.com

Cloud telephony has been one of the most demanded phone services in recent days. Most of the business owners or large scale entrepreneurs are opting for this advanced telephony service. The advanced calling service uses the mode of internet to carry out its functioning. By means of the internet connection the complete telephony system is connected to the main server of the organization.

Pros of Cloud based phone system

There are numerous advantages of cloud based telephony service. It supports all type of calling features like voice calling, video calling, conference calls and messaging service. It can easily connect the business organization with its clients, customer base, employees and share holders. The service runs with 24/7 support, and the business can efficiently help its customers, to solve their queries and avail the efficient technical support services, at any point of time. In earlier days, business owners used to rely on PSTN or public switched telephone networks, which were connected by means of physical wires or cables. The cost of installation of such network was high and a bit clumsy. Moreover, the network switches required regular maintenance in specific intervals of time. In cloud telephony the installation cost is extremely low and the service providers take complete responsibility of maintenance. With help of cloud telephony calls can be easily made on international numbers and it helps to route your calls to specific departments. Some of the other additional features, which could be availed from the service providers includes:–

  • Call recording
  • Reminder alerts
  • Call routing
  • Voice Mails
  • Multiple calling service
  • Setting an online database to store customer records
  • Hiding caller Ids
  • Video conferencing

Cons of Cloud based telephone system

Most of the small businesses failed to setup such advanced technology in their office. The company needs to have proper working instruments and reliable internet connection, to continue with such service. The business owners have to choose best quality equipments and install proper software and sub par wiring. With cloud based telephone system there remains a risk of internet security. If the security concerns are not taken seriously, the network can easily get corrupted because of phishing or unwanted spamming. The internet firewalls must be properly checked in regular interval of time, to enhance your system security. Although this particular phone system offers several benefits to large business organizations, but for small business owners it is difficult to setup with such advanced gadgets. Though the cost of installation is very low, but the office needs to have the basic technological gadgets and internet connection, to support the telephony service.

Thus, with such huge array of advantages and disadvantages, it may help the business owners to choose the service of cloud based telephone system, according to their business setup and budget. With proper utilization of the advance service, businesses can definitely make huge profits.

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