Cloud Telephony and its Advantages

cloud telephony advantage -

cloud telephony advantage

Communication technology is developing with a very fast pace and businesses are adopting new ways of communication. For maintaining any business venture, you need to set up effective communication tools to facilitate easy flow of any important message. In recent days, business enterprises are stepping ahead to switch to online resources for reducing the cost factor, increasing collaboration and reliability. Whenever there is a need of using advanced communication tools for business enterprises, cloud telephony services serves all the purposes, to meet the business requirements. Cloud telephony has taken adopted the latest technology and taken the mode of communication into the next level of advancement.

What is Cloud Telephony?
Cloud telephony services are basically on-demand web-based voice services which lets you run your business efficiently. These services are easily accessible by anyone. Using cloud telephony services, distribution of voice setup can be done effectively through a complex-free programmable interface. For availing these services, you don’t need to purchase any hardware or software. All you need to do is find a suitable service provider for availing these services. There are various companies that are offering these services at highly reasonable prices.

Advantages of Cloud Telephony:
Cloud Telephony is in great demand in all large industries, for its wide variety of characteristics and advantages. Some of such advantages are discussed below:–

On-Demand Self-Service: It provides the ability to access the telephony service according to your convenience, through the Internet. A consumer can efficiently get information about telephony resources like phone numbers, audio storage as needed automatically without the need of any human interaction. This is only possible because of the exhaustive provisioning APIs.

Commodity Pricing: As there are huge requirements by on-demand resources, service providers have reduced the costing and the service of cloud telephony can be availed at very reasonable rates.

Resource Pooling: The provider’s telecom resources are pooled to serve multiple consumers using a multi-tenant model, with different physical and virtual resources dynamically assigned according to consumer demand.

Routing of Calls: With this, telephony service you can route inbound voice calls. The customers need to dial a single number for their queries and a recorded message gets displayed. Also, customers call can be transferred to the concerned agents so as to give them immediate answers. Thus, it helps your clients to stay connected with you all the time and get automated response quickly.

Broad Network Access: The telephony service has the capabilities of being available over the network and accessed through standard mechanisms. Consumers should have the access to login from any location and control their resources accordingly. Since the resources are accessible on the network through standard mechanisms, they should be efficiently integrated into your existing systems.

Monitored Service: Resource usage can be monitored, controlled, and reported providing transparency for both the provider and consumer of the utilized service.

Advance Software: There is advanced call software that helps you to run polls, contests or survey results for your customers. This database software facilitates recording of your telephone conversation. If the answers given by your customers are same as the results stored in your database then you can select the winner through this software installed.

Link to Your Database: You can also interlink your telephone system with customer database available online. This will maintain your online phone directory with numbers and names of your customers so that you can call your customers automatically.

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