6 Merits of Cloud Telephony in Small Businesses

need of cloud telephony in business - wholikeit.com

need of cloud telephony in business - wholikeit.com

The need of making long distance calls at cheaper prices led to the introduction of cloud telephony in small businesses. This newly launched technology of communication seemed to be very fruitful for small business enterprises. Using this technology, people are able to make calls at very reasonable prices; while at the same time can make video calling and conference calls. Over the years, this technology has been used to fulfill many purposes. The technology is extremely convenient to use and the cost involved is comparatively less than the traditional telephony systems or services. Furthermore, cloud telephony performs best when the switches, routers and network links are working much faster. Ethernet is usually networking media, which is used in voice applications. Therefore, the servers meet many telephony features such as call switching and connection management, call recording, video calling and conference calls. However, there are certain drawbacks of this technology, which is their complete dependency on the internet connection. An internet outage can put the service on hold. To handle this problem, businesses can get a hosted PBX service to sustain their telephonic communication and keep it in working condition. Hosted PBX allows callers to reach the business on voicemail and auto attendant because these services are hosted at the data center and not through business location.

There are many advantages of having a cloud telephony system to facilitate communication inside as well as outside the workplace. The systems are cost-effective, reliable and easily manageable. Cloud telephony systems benefit small business enterprises in many ways:

1) Reliability: Cloud telephony has proven to be more reliable to use than the analog or traditional telephone systems.

2) Reasonable Cost: Experience the service improved communications without investing much in hardware systems or spending much on the equipments or any other additional devices. The centralized technology is maintained by the service provider and the complete management of the services is provided from their side.

3) Scalability: Small businesses can start with a handful of IP phones and scale them up gradually. The growth of the cloud telephony system completely depends upon the growth in business. The communication method is completely flexible. It can be designed and custom programmed to suit every business needs and scalable because you can practically deploy the system as small as you want and just add more extensions and lines ,according to your business requirements.

4) Easy Management: Cloud telephony systems can help in easy management of your organizational data. It can help to gather detailed data on the telephonic activity of the business such as incoming numbers, time of call, duration of call, receiving extensions and the location of the customer. All this essential information can be collated in a spreadsheet and provided to the top management, so that they can take business decisions efficiently.

5) Maintainable by in-house Staff: The existing IT staff can easily maintain the cloud telephony system. The system is integrated in a very simple way and the staffs can easily manage the operations without any technical guidance or assistance.

6) Business-Friendly Features: Essential features such as call queues, call extensions, call transfers, video calling and conference calls make the business more credible in the eyes of the calling customer and they find it very easy to use. The telephone systems allow users to receive voice mail and fax very conveniently.


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