When We See Wrinkles on Our Face

When We See Wrinkles on Our Face
When We See Wrinkles on Our Face

Do you have lines on your face at your thirties?

And you want to know the reasons?

Then you are in the right place. Actually, we live in that age-obsessed culture. Males are not much concerned about wrinkles, but the female does because for them it is the concern of their beauty. But do you know what the real age in which lines start appears is?

Wrinkles occur as a part of ageing that appears because of skin changes. Which happens at every decade of life.  

At the Age of Twenty: At this stage of life the skin is more rejuvenating and responds differently to antioxidants according to the change in hormones. Breakout of pimple is the common phenomenon at this age. Sometimes skin becomes dry which may create space for fine lines around the eyes. Follow the best skin care routine, which starts with face clean up, then pat dry and apply toner it helps in giving you a toned skin. Moving towards applying acne creams and gels and moisturising the face. Do not forget to wear your sunscreen.

At the Age of Thirties: Reaching in your thirties can slow down the process of collagen formation; as a result the skin starts becoming thin and looks less full. Further, it becomes sensitive, and skin under the eye becomes delicate. Later noticeable fine lines can be seen around the eyes and forehead wrinkles. Proper skin care routine can improve the quality of skin as well it is necessary to use products rich in vitamin B3.

At the Age of Forties: At you start moving towards your forties, problems without proper care of skin makes things worse. As at this age of life the formation of skin cells slows down which can affect the appearance of skin dramatically. Skin becomes more sensitive, and acne may start appearing on face losing the elasticity of the skin. All these problems are related to the estrogen levels reduction in the body. Deeper lines get appears on the forehead, at mouth and eyes. Age spots can also be seen on the face. As you reach forty starts using products that consist of retinol and peptides which can prevent wrinkles on the face.  

At the Age of Fifties and Above: Skin starts getting more thin and dry after crossing the fifties. Age spots and fine lines also becomes, and visibility of them increases. Women lose this collagen formation when she reaches the stage of the menopause and effects can be seen on the skin. During your fifties, and above it becomes necessary to drink more liquids as skin requires moisture.     

Therefore, who are looking for curing their skin, should consult skin specialists as many treatments are available such as lasers, creams, serums. Apart from these various unconventional methods are also there, like facials, skin scrubbing etc. which may enhance the quality of skin or helps in rejuvenation of skins. A power diet and regular exercise may also affect the growth of new cells in the skin.

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