How to Avoid Skin Allergy

How to Avoid Skin Allergy -

How to Avoid Skin Allergy -

Skin allergies are basically caused due to the harmful effects of allergens. The allergens can be dust particles, pollen grains and air pollutants. These harmful substances are also present in chemical cosmetic products and cause severe skin issues like itching, skin rashes, pimples and blisters. Most of the cosmetic products are made from harmful chemicals, which may have an adverse effect on your skin cells. Repeated or prolong use of such harsh chemical products may induce the chances of skin allergies and your skin may get highly affected. Though the branded companies take great care of their ingredients and try to infuse natural substances into the chemical composition, but some chemicals are allergic for the skin. People should be aware of such chemicals and check the ingredients of their beauty products carefully.

The two types of skin allergic reactions, which are caused due to the use of chemical cosmetic products, are:–

  • Irritant Contact Dermatitis: In irritant dermatitis, the risk of skin irritation is high, on prolonged use of chemical cosmetics. Skin rashes and blisters are developed on the skin surface, which further causes skin irritation and sensation of scratching.
    Allergic Contact Dermatitis: Allergic dermatitis is basically caused due to the usage of specific chemicals in the cosmetics. The outer surface of the skin becomes red, develops a swelling and also itches. Allergic dermatitis is often caused to those women, who are addicted with use of cosmetics in larger quantities.
  • Skin allergies are mostly visible on the facial areas, hands and the neck portion. Use of perfumes and deodorants may even trigger the problem of skin allergy. The perfumes contain high percentage of preservatives like methanol and formaldehyde. Many of the beauty products like, hair dye, nail removers do contain some acidic chemicals and can trigger skin allergy immediately.


Important measures to be taken:–

  • You need to visit an experienced dermatologist and take a skin allergy test, as prescribed by the expert. The test is simply called Patch test and it will help you have a clear idea about your allergies.
  • If you are allergic with the use of deodorants and perfumes you need to stop using those things. To avoid skin irritation caused due to the allergic reactions of the perfumes you need to use Topical Corticosteroids. The effective Corticosteroid can be combined with antihistamines cream or skin ointment to relieve the problem of skin redness or irritation.
  • To avoid problems of skin allergy you can opt for natural herbal skincare products. These products contain fewer chemicals and thus have least side effects on the skin.
  • Some natural herbs like neem, basil, turmeric, aloe vera have high medicinal value and can be used in the treatment of skin allergies. You can use natural herbs to get relief from skin allergy
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  1. Hey there! I would say it’s fine as long as there is no sodium laryul sulfate, silicones, or parabens those are some of the biggest offenders and aren’t good for sensitive skin (or any skin, for that matter). The lotion is more like a toner, she just calls it a lotion. I am still hunting for a good one, as the one I used to use (it was from 100% Pure) is no longer in production. See if you can find something simple and without too much alcohol.~Steph x

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