Best Ways to Convert Thin Cheeks into Chubby Cheeks

how to get chubby cheeks

how to get chubby cheeks

In the modern era , selfie is in trend and a chubby cheeks enhance the beauty of a person in selfie. Skinny face in selfie looks very dull . Person’s face appears so weak and sick with thin cheeks. Although type of cheeks, whether Chubby or skinny cheeks also depends on the weight of the body , cheeks would become chubby with increment in weight . Yet these are influenced by your diet chart also. if you take a proper healthy diet and perform face exercise and yoga then you can also enhance your beauty by converting skinny cheeks into chubby cheeks. So, here are some tips to convert skinny cheeks into chubby and attractive cheeks, which will enhance your beauty.

1. Do Yoga and exercise for chubby cheeks . Fill mouth with water and stay in this position for 60 seconds , then change the water . Repeat it for 3-4 times. There are many exercises for face which will help in getting back the natural beauty of face. Go for a walk daily which maintains the natural charm of the face.

2. Fill your mouth with air like a balloon and remain in this position For 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat it minimum 2-3 times in a day and you will see the difference that cheeks would start becoming chubby slowly.

3. Comfortably sit on a chair and open your mouth to that limit which you open to your dentist. Start pulling cheeks from both lips joining points, keep in mind that there should be movement of chin also during this procedure. Repeat it for 30 second and then rest for a while.

4. Do Pinching cheeks for minimum 2 to 3 minutes .repeat this procedure for at least 5 times in a day and you will find that cheeks start becoming chubby.

5. Massage is the most common and beneficial method for chubby cheeks . Always do massage with almond or mustard oil. Massage for 5 to 7 minutes in a day.

6.. If you can’t take proper nutrition and proper diet because of any problem , then try to include 1 glass of milk in daily meal . Milk is enriched in nutritions which is very helpful for chubby cheeks.

7. Apple is the best fruit you can take for enhancing cheeks. Apple paste is very useful for cheeks, apply it on your face and wash face after 15 minutes .use this method once in a week.

8. rose water and glycerin is best source for chubby cheeks and Olive oil also effects skinny cheeks.


1. A proper sleep of 8 hours maintains the natural beauty .

2. Addition of fruits, green vegetables , salad in your diet is also beneficial in the cheeks enhancement. Drink atleast 3-4 litres water in a day .

3. add some calorie in your diet to get weight. Increment in weight will be positive point for cheeks.

4. Add carbohydrates in your meal like rice,potato in daily diet, Which helps in increasing fat on face with body also.

5. Avoid smoking and all types of drugs.

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