Advantage of Washing Face with Gram Flour

Advantage of washing face with Gram Flour

Advantage of washing face with Gram Flour

In the modern era, everybody wants to look attractive and beautiful .selfie is very trending these days and for the perfect selfie, face should be clear and scar-less. So, people prefer saloon or parlor and use many cosmetic on face to get shining skin. But this can effect natural moisture of skin. So, here we are going to discuss clean face at home without any side-effect with gram-flour . If you are wasting so much time and money on saloon , then you must read this article. Gram-flour is like a cleansing agent for both – health and beauty. Mixture of gram flour , curd, turmeric and rose water is very be medical for this purpose. When you wash face with soap , it cause dryness, dullness on face because Soap contains many chemicals which is very harmful for natural beauty of skin. but gram-flour is pure and natural with no side-effect .

Advantage of washing face with Gram-Flour:

1. Fran flour is like a flour with small particles which acts like a scrub for skin. So the dead skin is removed from the face. apply mixture of gram-flour with curd ,terms and rose water on face for some time and then rub the face in circular motion like a scrub, which helps in removing dead skin of the face.

2. Chemicals of the soap effects the natural oil and moisture of the skin and face becomes dry and dull. Gram-flour doesn’t effect the skin. this mixture will help in keep the skin smooth and shiny without any chemical use .

3. gram-flour has many advantages with some bleaching agents also which maintains the natural tone of the skin.

4. Gram flour makes the skin soft and smooth. Daily use of soap will effect the natural moisture of the skin so skin becomes dull and looks mature in the early age but gram flour keeps the skin smooth and soft.

5. Person suffering from blackheads near the nose area, cheeks then gram-flour is the best treatment for this which acts like a scrub for blackheads and skin becomes clean from that area.

6. washing face with gram-flour will reduce the acne on the face. Firstly, acne become dry and then face become clean after the regular use of gram flour as a face wash.

7. Pimple leave it’s marks on the skin which looks bad. Gram flour helps in removing the pimple-marks. So, prefer use of gram flour instead of soap.

8. gram-flour is totally natural which we also use in. Cooking. Whereas soap contains many harmful chemicals which effects the skin. Gram flour doesn’t contain any chemicals so it is quite safe and pure method for face wash for clean skin.

9. Washing face with soap opens the skin pores of face which looks very bad. But gram flour reduce the size of the pores and tighten the pores so face look young and attractive.

10. Face look dark because of constant work in sunlight. beauty products doesn’t removes the tan properly. Washing face with gram-flour lighten the face colour easily and helps in removing tanning.

Method: Take one tablespoon of gram flour . Mix one pinch turmeric powder, I teaspoon curd and 5-6 drops of rose water in it. You can add honey also in the mixture if your skin is dry. Mix the mixture thoroughly and apply on the face in downward direction. Let the paste dry and wash your face with fresh water. Regular use of this mixture will make your skin clean and glowing.

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