7 Shocking Causes of Skin Allergy

shocking causes of skin allergy - wholikeit.com

shocking causes of skin allergy - wholikeit.com

Skin allergy is generally caused due to some repulsive reactions on the skin. Allergic scars and itchiness and a burning sensation will develop on your skin and you may feel a swelling sensation. Some of the most common types of skin allergies include Eczema and dermatitis. The person may be allergic to certain group of food or toxic chemicals. There are certain shocking causes of these skin allergies too. So, try to keep away from those toxic substances and keep your skin healthy and free from these allergies.

1) The immune system of an allergic person is highly reactive. As soon as the skin comes in contact with any foreign toxic substance or chemical, the antibodies of the skin reacts against them. As a result, a skin allergy is developed and the person suffers from allergy scars and swelling.

2) Skin allergies are often caused by dust mites, pollen or certain medicines. Some people have allergies for some specific group of food. Some of the common symptoms of skin allergies include skin rashes itchiness, wheezing and breathing problems.

3) Excessive stress is one of the major reasons to cause allergic issues. Stress can induce hives on the skin. The skin immediately reacts to the stress hormones and the skin allergies are predominantly developed. Hence, bring down the stress level, to reduce the problems of skin allergy.

4) Latex also has adverse effects on the human skin. Latex is often found in many products such as waist bands, balloons, rubber bands etc. As soon as the skin comes in contact with the latex, an allergic rash appears on the surface if the skin. Even dermatitis is caused due to latex.

5) Another type of skin allergy, popularly known as Eczema, is caused due to the inflammation of the skin. Eczema is a type of fungal infection that appears on the surface of the skin. The skin become dry, rough and has an itching sensation. Usually, eczema is caused due to non-clarity of blood. Eczema is a hereditary disease and remains for lifetime. During winter season the condition becomes worse and the disease tries to spread in different parts of the body.

6) Excessive use of perfume may result to cause skin allergies. Perfume contains some harmful alcoholic substance and chemicals including nickel sulphate, benzyl alcohol etc. These chemicals can harshly affect your skin and your skin may become prone to harmful allergies. Even some of the home sprays contain these harmful chemicals and can cause skin allergy.

7) Coloring hair dye is also one of the major elements to cause skin allergy. Dermatitis is often caused, due to the harmful effects of the chemicals present in hair dye. Hair dyes contain harmful peroxide and these chemicals have an allergic effect on the skin and eyes. If you want to color your hair, use natural substances like, Henna. It will help to nourish your hairs and keep you away from skin allergy.

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