7 Major Side Effects of Waxing

side effects of waxing

side effects of waxing

No matter how unpleasant certain things are, their importance makes them unavoidable for us. When it comes to waxing, girls can easily relate to the said thought. We love clean, smooth, flawless skin but the cost of this output is unbearable. Apart from the excruciating pain we go through during waxing procedure, we may be exposed to a number of side effects.
Though there are several options at one’s discretion to get rid of unwanted hair, like plucking, shaving, threading and laser treatment etc. waxing is considered to be the most effective one. With pros come cons, and one cannot take them into oblivion.

Below are certain side effects of waxing you may experience if waxing is done improperly or if you are a prestigious owner of a highly sensitive skin.

1. Skin Redness and Irritation
The most commonly observed side effect of removing hair by waxing is the redness and irritation on your skin that develops due to the friction caused while pulling off wax strip. Try applying ice on the redness and irritation affected area for some relief.

2. Hardness of Skin
If you regularly wax your skin, you must have noted an irrational hardness and lost elasticity in that particular area of your body. The hard wax used is to be blamed here. No matter what quality of wax you use, it will result into irreversible hardness of skin. You may resort to an alternative method of hair removal at times to evade such a consequence.

3. Skin Rashes and Bleeding
People who have hypersensitive skin are highly prone to developing skin rashes after waxing. Apart from rashes, slight bleeding in certain areas may also occur. Applying adequate talcum powder before applying wax can serve as a precautionary measure here.

4. Wrinkles
In certain cases, wrinkles may start to form on regularly waxed area of body. This occurs because of frequent waxing that makes the skin hard. The skin loses its elasticity and results into wrinkle formation.

5. Allergies
Needless to say, people with highly sensitive skin are susceptible to allergies. Moreover, if one is already allergic to a particular compound that is a part of waxing, it will further ruin the condition making you even more allergic. The allergic reaction may range from redness to rashes to more severe forms of skin related problems. It is advised that if you are allergic to any product used in waxing, you must refrain from waxing or go for an in-depth consultation with your dermatologist.

6. Skin Darkening and Burns
Darkening of skin is a major drawback of waxing since it is the least you were looking for. Underarms turn visibly dark due to waxing of that sensitive area. Comparatively lesser sensitive areas of skin may also darken or experience a burning sensation if overheated wax is applied due to post-inflammatory pigmentation. Though the pigmentation gradually fades away, one must take great care in application of wax at a harmless temperature only.

7. Skin Infection
Exposing the skin to any undesirable compound can lead to skin infection, which can range to being severe in certain individuals. This side effect of waxing will be prominent if infected or unclean waxing products are used for the purpose.
Individuals, who are disease ridden, mainly that relating to skin, must avoid waxing to keep away from its side effects.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, one may suffer other side effects of waxing. Though it is a preferred method, as besides removing unwanted hair it also acts as a form of exfoliation, one needs to be careful of its harmful side effects. It is advisable to visit an experienced professional for waxing unwanted hair than being a naïve adventurer yourself.

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