What to do After Positive Pregnancy Test

What to do After Positive Pregnancy Test

What to do After Positive Pregnancy Test

It is generally said and accepted that a woman’s life is incomplete without being a mother. Being a mother is probably the best feeling in the world which is beyond description. The moment you get to know that you’re expecting a baby, that joy overshadows all other blessings in the world. As much as you cherish that moment, you also become more cautious about your body, your soon-to-be baby.

Here are certain pregnancy tips that you must adhere to during your gestation period, to ensure good care of your baby.

Visit Your Gynecologist
The first thing to do after a positive pregnancy test is visiting a doctor. Not always a pregnancy test kit gives accurate results. It therefore becomes important to visit a gynecologist to confirm that you’re pregnant. Moreover, a gynecologist is the most trusted person at this point to guide you through the coming nine months. Make it a point to visit your doctor periodically for normal checkup to keep a strict eye on any complication that may arise.

Exercising becomes all the more important during your pregnancy. Generally families resort to giving 24 hour rest to the mother. Exercising and rest must be kept in balance. Exercising prepares the mothers body for the exertion during delivery. Simple exercises such as swimming, slight dancing, yoga or regular walking proves always good. For safety purpose, you may also appoint an instructor in the later weeks of pregnancy.

Healthy Diet
A healthy diet is vital during pregnancy. It must include adequate amount of nutrients as advised by your doctor. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are important for the growth of the baby and the mother. Here it should be kept in mind that there are certain foods that a pregnant woman must not intake, so follow your dietician’s or doctor’s instructions carefully.

Water Intake
Proper water intake is essential for the crucial period of pregnancy. Water helps wash away all toxins from the body. Apart from that, it is said to help in dealing with hormonal imbalance, preventing mood swings.

Vitamins And Dietary Supplements
Apart from the regular diet, doctors also recommend vitamin pills and other supplements that are essential during pregnancy. Supplements such as folic acid foods etc helps decrease complications. However, do don’t intake any medicines or pills without doctor’s proper prescription. Also the amount of intake of vitamins and supplements must be low. More focus must be laid on providing natural food diet for the mother.

Keep Away From Alcohol And Drugs
It is strongly recommended to pregnant women to avoid all types of toxins that they may be consuming before their pregnancy. Smoking, drinking alcohol, tobacco and drug intake can cause severe implications for the mother especially the baby. It can all together hinder the growth of the baby inside the womb and even after birth. Drugs may increase the chances of still-birth. The toxins may lead to miscarriage, premature birth, under-weight baby, heart defects, asthma, and other disorders along with chances of developing cancer even later in life.



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