Losing Weight is safe in pregnancy?

weight loss during pregnancy
weight loss during pregnancy

Are you overweight during your pregnancy?

If yes, you are at higher risk of getting complications in delivery, and you might need a cesarean section or C-section.

Hey… Wait!

Do not think of losing weight after reading this. Because losing weight while pregnancy needs lots of care. Consult your doctor to know your body mass index. As many females consider the pregnancy weight the same as weight gain. Here, Gynaes suggest women attain a healthy weight before they get pregnant, even a small difference can make a big difference. But in case you get pregnant without any planning, and you are overweight, here you should follow a healthy diet and exercise to reach the primary goal. Also, once you get pregnant, and becoming obese do not leave your daily routine healthy food and exercise. Because drastic weight loss can be even more complicated. Hence maintain and healthy mal with keeping in mind about the portion you are taking.

Is dieting and exercise your cup of tea during pregnancy?

Gynae suggests to avoid weight loss during pregnancy as it is necessary to have a balanced diet. Dieting in pregnancy means taking care of the portions. Watch your portions, and make a nutrient-rich diet without eliminating any food group. And if you want to add supplements and medication, consult your doctor before going for it, check whether it is safe or not.

It is recommended to go for physical activity during pregnancy. Practice those exercises in which you are comfortable do not push yourself for a hard one. Do not try activities which can have a high impact on the body and do not start doing exercise all of a sudden and that too vigorously.

Therefore, focus on healthy weight rather than weight loss as it is necessary to stay safe during pregnancy.

Tips for healthy weight gain in pregnancy

Add nutrient dense food as well as food rich in iron during pregnancy. Here are the tips to make a healthy diet plan for your pregnancy:-

. Eat wisely: Take care of the portion size which means take 5 meals a day but in small portions. This will make your tummy full and will help you in stopping the unwanted cravings. And do not skip your meals

. Include the whole grain and lots of vegetables in diet: eat whole grains carbs such as buckwheat, brown rice and whole grain flour. Limit refined grains such as white rice. It may increase weight. Fill your plate with vegetables raw as well as cooked. This can help you in getting all the nutrients.

. Cut down sugar: opt for natural sugar which is fruits, but servings should be limited to 1-2 daily. Sugar can be paired with proteins such as peanut butter, as well as include fiber rich foods but try to avoid mangoes, bananas, grapes and cherries.

. Fitness classes: add lightweight exercises such as aerobic for 30 mins, walking or light jogging. You can even do a few yoga poses. Make yourself feel comfortable while exercising.

During pregnancy weight can put an impact on the comfort zone which can further affect your and your baby’s health. Therefore, attain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight.

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