Care of Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

stretch marks after pregnancy

stretch marks after pregnancy

Pregnancy is the best stage in every woman’s life. It’s like a real blessing to being pregnant for any woman. Woman consider herself complete when she becomes a mother. But every coin has two sides. As it’s the best phase of a woman’s life, but woman has to face some problems like stretch marks, fat, acne, pigmentation etc. Here we are going to discuss about stretch marks after pregnancy . Stretch marks are long, narrow streaks, stripes, or lines shaped that appears on the skin. Stretch marks effects women more than the men. Stretch marks are actually not harmful but it puts negative impression . People having problem of stretch marks have to feel anxious or embarrass .The other name of stretch marks is ‘Striae’ .

What is Stretch Marks
Breaking of elastic fibers just under the surface layer of face results in stretch marks. It occurs on the skin in the form of scars having off white colour. Tearing of Dermis results in stretch marks. Hormonal treatment or hormonal change in the body may also be a reason of stretch marks. A woman gains so fast in her pregnancy period and growing with fast speed results in stretch marks but after giving birth to baby, these marks gradually fade to grey or white. The stretch marks caused because of pregnancy is known as ‘Striae gravid arum’ . Almost 90% pregnant women have to face this problem. Sometimes, stretch marks are because of the genetic problems . These marks are basically found on belly, breasts and sometimes on thighs , buttocks and under arms. The early stage of stretch marks is reddish or purple lesions which basically starts appearing on fatty area of the body like breasts, underarms , belly, buttocks etc. The area affected with stretch marks looks empty and very loose or soft to touch. These marks are temporary which disappear automatically after some time but sometimes, some marks are permanent .

How can we prevent Stretch Marks
As there is no particular cream or lotion to remove these marks but definitely some creams are available to lighten these marks. Time is the best medicine for these marks as these marks become invisible after 4-5 months of delivery . Still there are some home remedies which are effective in stretch marks. Massage the effected area with oils like castor oil , vitamin E oil and olive oil. Also Many medical treatments like laser treatment, skin regeneration activation , tretinoin cream, glycerol acid and chemical peels are still in use for removing stretch marks. On the other hand , some other tips like maintaining body weight, proper diet and avoiding dieting can also reduce the chances of stretch marks. Also plan a gradual increase in your weight loss in order to escape the situation of sudden grow and shrinkness condition of the body. Moreover, drink at least 8-10 glass of water a day. These tips will reduce the threaten of stretch marks.

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