6 Yoga Tips for Your Pregnancy Days

yoga tips in pregnancy - wholikeit.com

yoga tips in pregnancy - wholikeit.com

Many experts recommend doing yoga for pregnant women because it provides plenty of health benefits to both the mother and the baby in mother’s womb. Regular practice of yoga during the pregnancy period may help to enhance your immunity system. The prenatal yoga is encouraged for pregnant women to maintain their mental and health fitness. Yoga for pregnant women is a good way of exercising, since it reduces pregnancy discomforts. Yoga for pregnant women helps delivery considering the pregnant mother is taught how to breathe and relax at childbirth. Yoga for pregnant women increases mother’s sleep, decreases anxiety and reduces stress disorders. Yoga for pregnant women helps control and govern mood swings, this is very important because it helps to strengthen the bond amongst the mom and her child. The pregnant mothers join yoga classes to eradicate problems of fatigue, digestive troubles, back pain and many such issues.

Here are 6 yoga tips safe and reliable for pregnant women who want to practice yoga in their pregnancy days:

1) Consult your Health Care Professional: When you’re pregnant and want to practice yoga in your pregnancy days, it is best to consult your gynecologist about your plans of a new physical activity, to ensure that you are physically fit to practice yoga. You can practice yoga under the guidance of a professional yoga instructor with experience of teaching a prenatal yoga class.

2) Learn the Different Poses of Yoga that will be Great During your Pregnancy: There are numerous yoga postures, which can help a pregnant woman to prepare her body for easier and smooth delivery. You should definitely avoid those poses, which put excessive pressure or stress on your lower abdomen .Especially during the advanced stages of pregnancy, these stressful poses should be strictly avoided. Some good poses you can learn during pregnancy include Sukhasana, Bhramari, Trikonasana, Veerbhadrasana, Cat Pose, Gentle Butterfly and many more. Even few light neck exercises and shoulder lifts can be beneficial.

3) Be Aware of the Different Stages of your Pregnancy: If you’re practicing yoga in your own home, you should the different postures and poses of the asanas. The poses should be practiced, keeping your stages of pregnancy in mind. During the last phase of pregnancy, yoga must be avoided to keep you away from any type of complexity.

4) Avoid Difficult or Stressful Postures: Yoga is a necessary physical exercise during pregnancy, since it increases balance. Many women come across a problem in balancing. It is essential to note that pregnant women are suggested to avoid hard balancing postures to avoid falling over and causing severe health damage.

5) Helps to Enhance your Breathing Capability: Yoga helps pregnant ladies to learn how to breathe so as to calm the body.  Breathing regulation helps to calm the mind and lead a peaceful life. Breath work helps it less difficult during delivery considering that the breathing practice during difficult postures prepares them for breathing during childbirth.

6) Avoid Hot Yoga in Pregnancy: During pregnancy never try Hot Yoga. Working out in a boiling room with a very high temperature could threaten the health of the growing fetus and have an adverse effect on your pregnancy.


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