6 Best Therapies for Pregnant Women

therapies for pregnant women - wholikeit.com

therapies for pregnant women - wholikeit.com

Therapies performed on pregnant women have been known to reduce the anxiety level and relieve muscle soreness. A gentle massage therapy can help many pregnant women in reducing their discomfort. Many clients have stated that a professional therapy has helped them both mentally and physically during their pregnancy. Not only does it soothe tired and strained muscles, but it also helps in relaxation of the mind and reduces the anxiety disorders, that most of the women face during their pregnancy period. A well induced therapy can also drastically change a woman’s hormone resulting in regulated moods and may even cause a woman to keep happier and relaxed. Furthermore, a gentle massage can help the circulation of blood in the body and stimulate a woman’s tissue properly. Back pain, joint pain, muscle strain and sleep problems can all be associated with pregnancy, but massage therapy is said to provide adequate solution to these common discomforts. Some of the therapies that can be employed during the pregnancy period includes:–

1) Massage Therapy: In massage therapy, various essential oils are used and the massage is applied with light hands. Oil massage using plain carrier oil has been perfect in treating pregnant women. These massages can definitely help to reduce lots of aches and joint or muscle strains and can add an essence of relaxation to the body.

2) Acupuncture or Acupressure: These is an effective therapy that has proven to be effective against body pain, muscle strain and hence proven to be very beneficial for the pregnancy period. The therapy is employed using needles and by applying pressure with the aid of small needles to some specific points of the body. Acupuncture practiced by a professional with experience must be employed during the pregnancy. The therapy should be applied with proper caution and with professional guidance.

3) Aromatherapy Pils: These oils can be used in massage, in the bath or in massages to provide the effective remedy. Essential oils are prepared using certain herbs and can be hence used in the treatment. Henceforth, it is extremely important to get required guidance from an aroma therapist with experience of treating pregnant women.

4) Homeopathy: This therapy is based on the use of effective homeopathy medicines that are available in the form of dilute solution and treating the individual effectively. Although homeopathy is one of the safest treatment methods, which can be employed in pregnancy period, but it’s best to consult a professional homeopathy practitioner.

5) Osteopathy and Chiropractic: This therapy is generally practiced by a qualified medical practitioner with adequate experience in the field of osteopathy. They work by proper manipulation of the neural spine and are proved to be extremely helpful to cure body and joint pains.

6) Herbal Therapy: For applying this therapy, one needs to approach a fully trained herbalist with prior experience and knowledge in herbal therapy. The therapist uses certain herbs, which can have a terribly potent effect on pregnant women. Certain herbal medications can even help to reduce the problems of nausea and body pain, so if you’re interested in pursuing herbal therapy, you need to approach a professional therapist.

Pregnancy is the ultimate strain on pregnant women’s body and is a condition that physical therapy can intervene to effectively reduce their strain and body pain. A proactive strength, flexibility and stabilization therapy can be extremely beneficial in preventing or decreasing the intensity of painful symptoms, thereby converting the pregnancy experience to be more positive and a fruitful one.


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