7 Terrible Mistakes of Haircare

terrible mistakes of haircare - wholikeit.com

terrible mistakes of haircare - wholikeit.com

Haircare tips must be properly employed to attain smooth and lustrous looking hairs. You are the main person who is concerned of taking proper care of your hairs. Whether it’s about washing your hairs or styling it, you use different Haircare products to take utmost care of those beautiful hair strands. But most of the people are almost unaware of the proper Haircare tips and by adopting wrong methods; they are greatly hampering the quality of their hair. They are using blow dry machines, straightening equipments and harmful chemicals to style their hairs. But they are unknown of the fact that these products and electronic tools can greatly damage their hair tips and prevent further hair growth. It can even lead your hairs to become dry, frazzled and rough. To avoid making such common blunders, you need to follow few preventive measures, to enhance your hair growth and make them look shiny and glamorous.

Here are few terrible mistakes about hair committed by people in their everyday life:–

1) Do Not Wash Your Hair for Plentiful Times: Some of the people think that washing your hair twice or thrice a day can keep the hair clean and healthy. But excessive washing can wash off all the natural oils from your scalp and hair and can make your hair more dry and frizzy.

2) Do Not Apply Too Much Hair Conditioner: Conditioner is good for your hairs and keeps it moisten and smooth. But excessive application of hair conditioner can damage the hair roots and can lead to hair fall.

3) Use a Heat Protector: While using heating equipments like hair blowers, dryers or hair irons, it is always recommended to use a heat protector. High temperature can damage your hair roots and the hair may become weak and dry.

4) Do Not Make Ponytail in the Same Place: If you are used of making ponytails daily, do no make the ponytail in the same place. It can increase the tension on the hair and can lead to the problem of hair fall.

5) Wash Your Hair Brushes Once in a Week: The hair brushes you use need to be washed with a detergent, once in a week. The hair dirt may get accumulated in the hair brush and can lead to several diseases or dandruff problems. It is better to maintain the hygiene prospect and keep your combs clean.

6) Detangle your Hair with Great Patience: While detangling your hairs, you need to be patient enough. Do not brush too hard, as it may weaken your hair follicles and tear your hair strands.

7) Avoid Intense Towel Drying: Most of the hair styling products; recommend the user to dry the hair with a towel intensely. But excessive rubbing your wet hairs with a synthetic towel can roughen up your hair follicles and roots. Hence, try to dry your hair softly with a cotton towel and then use your finger strips to rip off the excess water from the hair strands.

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