7 Haircare Tips for Women

haircare tips for women - wholikeit.com

haircare tips for women - wholikeit.com

Women love bouncy and smooth hair. The complete beauty of a woman comes from her beautiful long hair. With proper maintenance, one can easily manage her beautiful hair. Here are few essential Haircare tips for women:–

1) Eat Well Balanced Diet: A healthy diet comprises of all vital nutrients and minerals present in appropriate ratio. Hair needs these nutrients for proper elongation and to stay germ free. The hair follicles initiate the absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins from the diet. These nutrients thereby ensure steady and normal growth of the hairs.

2) Was your Hair Regularly to Remove all Unwanted Dirt and Extra Oil Deposited on the Scalp: Due to increasing rate of dust particles in the atmosphere the scalp gets dirty. The deposition of dust particles and extra oil make the scalp unhygienic and blocks the hair pores. Washing hair can help to open those blocked pores and keep your scalp clean. Use branded shampoo and conditioner to wash your hairs. If you have applied oil to your hairs, you need excess amount of shampoo to clean the oily scalp.

3) Use Conditioner: It is advisable to use conditioner after applying shampoo to your hair. Shampoo makes your hair dry and rough, due to presence of some harsh chemicals. Conditioners contain special ingredients to moisturize your hair and keep it soft and shiny.

4) Do not Brush Wet Hair: The hair follicles become very weak with a water wash. Combing wet hair with high pressure may lead to increase the rate of hair fall or breakage. Your hair can break from the middle and look ugly. To get rid of the difficult hair tangles, you can use a wide-toothed hair brush to avoid hair breakage. This technique can help to protect your delicate hair strands.

5) Use Protective Serum for Sun Protection: Sweltering temperatures can harshly affect your hair condition and make it rough and patchy. To protect your hairs from harmful UV radiation or scorching heat of the Sun, use a hair protecting serum. Apply the serum gently to damp hair and stay exposed. Even before going to swimming pools, this serum can protect your hair from Chlorine damage.

6) Avoid Using Heat Based Styling Tools: Avoid using hair dryer or hot iron or curling iron on your hair. These electronic devices cause great damage to your hairs and make them weak and feeble. The hair fibres are damaged and tend to break easily.

7) Drink Plenty of Water for Maintaining Your Hair: Water helps to keep your body hydrated and maintains the freshness of the hair follicles. Water moisturizes your hair and prevents the problem of hair fall or dry hair.

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