7 Haircare Tips for Dry and Damaged Hair

Haircare tips for dry and damaged hair - wholikeit.com

Haircare tips for dry and damaged hair - wholikeit.com

Healthy and shining hair adds an extra charm to your complete personality. But with increasing air pollution and high sun exposure, the quality of our hairs gets highly damaged. The pollutants turn the hairs dry and brittle. It even becomes difficult to detangle those dry and damaged hairs. Here are few Haircare tips to get rid of such dry and damaged hair.

1) Avoid Use of Heating Tools: Most of the girls, like to style their hair using curling irons or hair Straightener. But these electronic equipments use heating technique to set your hair. This can harshly affect your hair texture and the hair may become weak, dry and rough. Therefore, you need to avoid using these styling tools, to retain your hair nourishment.

2) Have a Well Balanced Diet: Your diet plays a very important role in maintaining your hair’s quality and health. Eating fast food like oily or fried snacks can hamper your hair quality and it may lose its shine, smoothness and volume. Include green vegetables, protein and fresh fruits in your diet, for proper intake of vital minerals and nutrients. Also drink lots of fluid to keep your body hydrated and well-maintained.

3) Use Natural Products: Using natural or herbal Haircare products can be best for your hair’s health. Synthetic products contain huge percentage of harmful chemicals, which can have an adverse effect on your hairs. Hence, it is advisable to opt any natural product made from natural ingredients, which may have least side effects on your health. Organic ingredients can definitely improve your hair growth rate and prevent it from getting dry or damaged.

4) Regularly Trim Your Hair: The problems of split ends can be easily treated by regular trimming of your hair ends. Split ends can make your hair more dull, dry and rough. Hence, trimming can help to remove your split ends and promote healthy hair growth.

5) Oiling Your Hair: Massaging with oil can be the best solution to moisturize your hair. Moreover, the health of the scalp can be greatly maintained through proper oil massage. Oil massage improves your blood circulation and prevents tendency of hair fall. It strengthens the hair rots and makes them nourished and smooth.

6) Conditioning Your Hair: Use of hair conditioner can prevent your hair from getting dry or damaged. Conditioners contain essential nourishment agents to moisturize your hair strands.

7) Brush Slowly: Proper brushing procedure can definitely help to improve hair growth and prevent it from getting rough or dry. You can choose a soft brittle hair brush and brush the hairs with soft hands. Never exert excessive force or pressure to detangle your hairs. It will end up breaking lots of hairs.

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