7 Benefits of Hair Oil Massaging

benefits of hair oil massaging - wholikeit.com

benefits of hair oil massaging - wholikeit.com

Hair oil and scalp massaging is one of the best holistic therapies, that has been used from decades in our continent. In the ancient days, the study of Ayurvedic science taught the importance of head and body massage with the use of natural oils. The effective technique of hair oil massaging helps to release the stress hormones and the mind attains an eternal relaxation. The nerves and the body cells become relaxed and automatically the mood gets enhanced. A head massage can have several health benefits and some of such benefits are further discussed below:–

1) Strengthens Hair Roots: A deep oil massaging can help to strengthen your hair roots, by improving the essential process of blood circulation of the body. As the blood circulation gets improved the scalp becomes healthier and holds the hair strands for longer time.

2) Hair Conditioning: The hair oils contain essential nourishing pigments, which helps in natural deep conditioning of the hairs. Application of oil will moisturize the dry hairs and solve the problems of unmanageable hair.

3) Detoxification of the Scalp: Oil massage initiates the detoxification process for the scalp. As a result, the dead skin cells are easily removed and the scalp becomes clean and dandruff free.

4) Stimulates Hair Growth: Proper hair oil massage stimulates the hair growth, by strengthening the roots. By utilizing the essential extracts from the hair oils, the rate of hair growth is enhanced.

5) Relief From Stress: A perfect oil massage can help to get relief from your daily stress. Oil massaging is a stress relieving method, which induces the feel of deep relaxation and aims in psychological well being.

6) Helps to Fight Against Sinusitis and Cold: Oil massaging can help to get relief from the symptoms of sinusitis and cold. In Ayurvedic treatment procedure, head massage with hot oil is often prescribed to a patient suffering from cold and flu.

7) Helps in Improving Eyesight and Relieve Eye Strain: Massaging the head area of a person can definitely help to improve your eyesight. It also aids in relieving from extreme headache or excessive eye strain. After returning from your stressful job, your eyes get excessively pressurized. And if your job involves sitting in front of a computer whole day, the condition of your eyes get worsen. In all such conditions, a hair oil massage can appear like a boon in your life and can help to get relief from your eye strain and stress.

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