How to Keep Heart Healthy in Winters

how to keep heart healthy in winters

how to keep heart healthy in winters

Winter season is the favorite season for youngsters because they get rid of the sweat problems, tanning problems and many skin problems. but this season is very dangerous for the heart patient or blood pressure patients .Although temperature in winter season is good but it causes many problems to the blood pressure patients and heart patients .middle aged and old people have to suffer the most in this season because their immune system becomes weak because of the age factor. But if you use some precautions then it’s risk can be reduced.

A special care to be given to the patients who have suffered any heart problem in past , Because it may increase the heart attack risk a lot. In winters, Our body and environment has to face many changes which lead in health problems. Some of the main problems and reasons of heart patients in winter season are given below :

1. Shrinkness of the Inner System: In winters, we wear a lot of clothes to prevent body from cool breeze and Blood arteries shrinks while give heat to body by shrinking our body because of the air. So, arteries become shrink, then there is no regular flow of the blood in arteries so proper blood cannot reach to the heart. As a result , heart cannot complete it’s blood circulation which results in the heart attack.

2. No Sweating: Because of the low temperature, no sweating in this season which increases the salt level of body which results in the high blood pressure and later in heart problems. Even sometimes patients have to face breathe problem because of the unbalanced blood pressure .

3. Viral, Infection: In winters , threaten of the swelling of breathe pipe increases because lungs and heart function are related to each other. So infection or any kind of breathe problem results in heart problems also.

4. High Calorie: As winter is a season of festivals and parties. Many festivals and occasions fall in winters. Where you consume high calorie food in parties. Use of alcohol also effects their body and liver .

5. Lack of Exercise: in winters, because of low temperature, people prefer to sit at home in quilts and hardly go out. So their weight increases results in heart problems.

Tips to get rid of this problem :

1. Reduce the consumption of salt, oil and spicy food in this season as they are main reasons for heart problems.

2. Try to do walk in sunlight. Avoid walking before sunrise and after sunset as cool breeze of that time effects the body and heart the most.

3. Eat less food to keep your body under control because overweight is also a main reason for heart problems. Also check blood pressure time to time.

4. Any pain or infection should not be ignored in this season which may cause serious problems of heart later.

5. Immediately consult your doctor if you feel swelling in feet and any kind of problem in taking breath. It may be because of the increses salt level of body . Doctor will give you medicine to extract that salt in form of urine from the body.

6. Take proper vaccination of breath diseases like influenza, pneumococcal . It’s dose after 5 years can remove the fear of pneumococcal for lifetime.

7. Avoid use of heater in closed room as it finishes the moisture of the room which results in cough and breath problems .lung problem patient should inhale boiled water steam. These tricks can help you to keep body fit in winters also.

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