How to get Rid of Bad Breath

how to get rid of bad breath

how to get rid of bad breath

In the competition world , everyone is running behind money . And in their this aim to get money they have to deal with many person daily . If you Are you suffering from bad breath or any breath related disease then your friends try to stay away from you. Because conversation with person having bad breath is very disgusting as it also puts bad impression on the second person. Bad breath is very common in modern world but people avoid to sit with the people having bad breath so you have to feel embarrass .

Cause : bad breath may be because of many reasons. Like for the work purpose, you have to stay outside so have to eat spicy food from hotels, restro, road side stalls which gives no guarantee for cleanliness. Sleeping after taking such food produce bacteria in mouth . And this Bacteria increases in the full night because of the long span of time. Bacteria present in the mouth causes bad breath . Because this bacteria includes Sulphur compound which smells bad. And in the morning, there is so much bad breath from the person that no one can stand near you. So, you have to face insult in this situation. Sometimes, people are unaware of this problem. Bad breath is because of many problems like – yellow teeth, constipation and smoking. So here we are going to tell some tips to cure bad breath for lifetime.

Tips to remove bad breath:

1. Place 1-2 teaspoon of oil in your mouth for 10-15 minutes and rinse your mouth with fresh water.

Clean your face with water.

You will find that the oil colour has been changed .It is the sign that trick is working. In starting, you will face some difficulty but then you will be habitual and you will get white teeth in few days.

2. Try to avoid spicy, roadside food as they never care for the quality of food which is the main cause of bad breath .

3. Don’t smoke. Because smoking effects the lungs or also produce bad breath for which you have to feel embarrass.

4. Take medicine if you are suffering from cold , because that cold bacteria is also a main reason for bad breath.

5. Always carry a mouth freshner with you. Use this mouth freshner but avoid excessive use of it.

6. Avoid to sit in one room for whole day. Go for a walk daily in fresh air. That cool natural breeze will give you freshness and helps in decreasing bad breath.

7. Never inhale any drugs or drink as it is injurious to health as well as results in bad breath .

8. Eat fruits , vegetables instead of fast food which will help in reducing health problems with the breath problem.

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