Diabetes, it’s Treatment and Precautions

Diabetes, its Treatment and Precautions

Diabetes, its Treatment and Precautions

In the world of competition, everybody is running behind money , for which they follow busy schedule and have no time for their health and family even. People prefer street food, packed food because of the tight time table which contains so much calorie which is not good for health . So, people are suffering from diabetes because of the over consumption of packed food. Specially in the winter season , people eat so much sweets because of the marriage and functions which mainly fall in winters. So, there is more threaten of diabetes in winter season as compared to the summer. Today we are going to discuss 4 ways to cure diabetes forever. By following these simple rules , you can definitely control your sugar level. These tips are beneficial in any kinds of diabetes and definitely cures diabetes. And medicine will start showing its effect soon.

1. Chewing Nuts: Chewing nuts, mustard seeds ,coconut for 15 minutes helps in controlling diabetes. Don’t swallow all the dry fruit instantly, spit it after chewing it for some time.

2. Brush Your Teeth: After chewing the dry fruit, Then brush your teeth with tinospora cordifolia and swallow the juice after brushing. If you are unable to find tinospora cordifolia, then you can use Collins. Collin is a great antidote of diabetes because of its bitter nature which cures diabetes.

3. Walk: Try to Go for morning walk daily. Add 15-20 minutes for walk in your daily routine . After walking, spend some time on running but at a speed which is comfortable for you. Spend some spare time to Walk on cracked roads, under constructed roads , Its very beneficial for sugar patients. Because the blood circulation in brain and heart becomes normal while walking on unleveled road.

4. Yoga: Do yoga for 15 minutes daily. Try pose yoga for at least 5 minutes in a day. Then your Pancreas will start flowing and cells will start gaining excess sugar of body . So the sugar level comes under control . But keep in mind, you have to keep your daily medicines daily with these tricks. Never skip any dose of medicine.

5. Meditation: meditation of 5 minutes will relax your mind . Spend some time with yourself forgetting all tensions of life. This will relax your mind and helps in controlling sugar level.

Precautions: Diabetes is not a dangerous disease in its early stage but very harmful if it’s level increases. Try to avoid spicy food , maize food, carbohydrates as these are great source of sugar which increases the sugar level . And if the sugar level increased beyond its limits , it can lead to the patient’s death. Body becomes so weak in sugar that any disease can attack the body easily because of the weak immune system. Bones of patients become so soft and weak because of the sugar that even treatment of any other disease is not possible of that patient. So, precautions should be taken to avoid future problems. Even natural fruits can increase the sugar level .because fruits like mango, banana also contains sugar ,fat . Only some fruits are beneficial in sugar like guava and papayas as it is sugarless and have no loss of health. So, diabetes is a dangerous disease which can lead to the even death of patient do special care should be given to the diabetes patients in order to avoid future problems.

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