7 Tips to Stay Fit in This Winter Season

Tips to Stay Fit in This Winter Season - wholikeit.com

Tips to Stay Fit in This Winter Season - wholikeit.com

You can follow following tips to stay fit in this winter:

1) Think Before Eating: The most important tip to stay fit and disease free in this winter season is to eat sensibly. Try to avoid spicy food in your diet and keep your appetite healthy and light. Eat nutritious green vegetables and fresh fruits. You can also prepare a diet chart for yourself and try to follow that chart for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. In this season, the digestion rate is reduced and the stomach needs longer time to digest. Hence, it is advisable to eat high digesting foods and seasonal fruits. Also try to consume fibrous fruits, which will help to excrete the unwanted toxins and increase the digestion capability of the body.

2) Sleep Well: Sleeping helps to relax your body muscles and release the stress hormones from the body cells. Try to get a sleep of 7-8 hours per day and increase your body fitness. If you do not get the complete sleep of 7-8 hours in the night time, try to take small naps of 1-2 hours in the daytime. Having a proper sleep will help to get your body energized and boost your immune system in the winter season.

3) Regular Exercise: Exercise helps to keep your body active and healthy. Winter is the best season to try different light as well as tiring exercises like swimming, cycling, walking, jogging and muscle stretching. The weather is suitable to perform these exercises and get your body heated up. In summer, you cannot try these tiring exercises, as they increase hotness in the body and it becomes completely unbearable. Regular exercise will initiate the process of weight loss and get you in good shape and size. Cardio exercises and yoga’s can also be practiced to increase the body strength and boost up the immunity system.

4) Get Rid of Smoking: Try to quit the habit of smoking and stay fit and disease free. The harmful tobacco present in the cigarettes can harm your kidneys and livers. It can hamper the normal functioning of the body organs. In winter the internal processes are bit slower and by smoking you can harm the functioning of the organs terribly. So, try to get rid of this extremely harmful habit and keep yourself healthy and fit.

5) Drink Excess Amount of Water: Water is one of the most vital components, which contribute in normal functioning of the body. It takes part in almost all the internal body processes such as blood circulation, digestion, metabolism and excretion. In winter the body easily gets hydrated and the body needs more amount of water to get rid of the harmful toxins .So, drink plentiful water and stay fit and intoxicated.

6) Try Different Winter Sport: There are various winter sports, which can keep your body healthy and geared up. You can definitely try winter sports like skiing, snowshoeing and stretch outs.

7) Choose Proper Clothing: Try to keep yourself hot by selecting proper apparels for the winter season. Wear woolen garments like sweater, mufflers, caps, socks , leather jackets and boots. These woolen clothing will keep your body warm and prevent it from getting cold.

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