7 Natural Ways to Prevent Cold and Flu

how to prevent from cold and flu - wholikeit.com

how to prevent from cold and flu - wholikeit.com

Natural Ways to Prevent Cold and Flu are:

1) Relax: Various researches have proven the fact that a complete relaxation helps to release the stress hormones from the body. Relaxation helps to enhance the level of interleukins in the human blood. These interleukins further helps to boost the immunity system and makes the body stronger to fight against the infections of cold and flu. Moreover, taking a complete sleep of 7-8 hours makes you more energetic and disease free. When you are suffering from acute nasal congestion, place one extra pillow beneath your neck. It will help to prevent nasal congestion and make your sleep more comfortable.

2) Gargle with Warm Water: If you are suffering from sore throat, try to gargle with luke warm water regularly. You can even add one pinch of salt into the warm water. Gargling helps to tighten the mucus membranes and ease out the extra mucus. Professional singers also prefer to gargle, to keep their voice loud and sweet. Gargling helps to attack the influenza virus and release them with the water ejected out of the process of gargling. One popular homemade remedy of mixing basil and honey in warm water is also an effective treatment to cure sore throat.

3) Wash your Hands Regularly: Most of the germs and harmful viruses, reside on your skin and palms. So washing hands on a regular interval will help to wash off these harmful infections from the body. It is advisable to rinse your hands with water, before eating your food with hands. Otherwise, the harmful infections can easily enter your body.

4) Exercise Regularly: Exercises such as light yoga and aerobics are great for your health and immune system. These exercises help to clear the blood passage through the heart and maintain the health conditions of your body organs. The body develops a great and healthy immunity system. Practicing yoga and meditation can help you remain calm and attain eternal peace of mind. Yoga helps you to learn different postures of calmness. Exercise helps to lose your body toxin and get rid of the harmful influenza viruses. In addition to exercise, you also need to drink plenty of water, to increase the tendency of sweating and releasing toxins from the body.

5) Eat Plenty of Green Vegetables and Fresh Fruits: These vegetables and fruits are full of essential nutrients and minerals. They are greatly required to build up a strong immune system and stay away from cold and flu.

6) Drink Water: Dehydration can lead to major health issues and degrade your immunity system. Drink plenty of water, to keep your body hydrated and balanced. Water helps to release harmful toxins in form of sweating and lead a healthy and disease free life. Water also helps to excrete the mucus from the body.

7) Drink Hot Fluids During Nasal Congestion: Drinking hot fluids like hot broth, tea or clear soup can help to relieve congested sinus passages and also prevent the effects of dehydration. These warm liquids help to clear the inflamed membranes of your nose and throat.

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