7 Health Benefits of Tomato

health benefit of tomato - wholikeit.com

health benefit of tomato - wholikeit.com

The health benefits of consuming tomatoes are recognized by many people all over the world nowadays and even researchers recommend having tomatoes in your daily diet. Tomatoes are rich sources of Vitamin C and also contain nutrients like Vitamin A, iron, calcium and potassium. Consuming excessive amount of tomatoes can fulfill 7% of the recommended dietary allowance of iron for women. Tomatoes are a great source of fiber and other essential minerals. The flavanoids present in tomatoes have great anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, to defence against various diseases. If you consume tomatoes regularly in the morning, it can effectively control or reduce your blood pressure level. It is advisable that, people who are suffering from mild hypertension can improve their health condition, by eating raw tomatoes daily. They can help to eradicate carotenoid deficiency and thus protect themselves from cold and cough, sneezing problem and viral flu.

Health benefits of Tomato:–

1) Reduces Heart Disease: Tomatoes are an extremely rich in its potassium content. Diet filled with potassium is helpful in reducing the risk of hypertension and also eliminates the problems of heart attacks or diseases in human body. Essential vitamins such as Vitamin B6  is found in abundant amounts in tomatoes and are proved to be beneficial to transform a potentially dangerous chemical present in body known as homocysteine into some useful elements. High amounts of homocysteine can lead in blockage of the blood vessel walls and are responsible for heart attack and other related issues.

2) Lowers Cholesterol: The vegetable tomato contains very low percentage of fats. Hence tomato can be a vital element to be used for reducing your cholesterol level. The element Nicacin present in tomatoes is a very effective element that is used to treat the problems of cholesterol.

3) Prevents Cell Damage: Tomatoes are an effective source of the antioxidant lycopene. Antioxidants help in neutralizing the toxic free radicals in the body and thus protect the cell from excessive damages. Free radical increases the risk of colon cancer, diabetic complexities and hypertension.

4) Prevents Cancer: Tomatoes give protection for the prostate cancer. Consumption of tomatoes reduces the risk of a variety of cancers and prostate and colon cancer particularly. The antioxidant lycopene working together with other phytonutrient elements inside tomatoes helps to prevent cancer.

5) Good for Bone Health: Adequate consumption of tomatoes gives you the required amount of vitamin K, which helps to enhance the bone health. Vitamin K activates your bone cells and thus mineralizes the calcium molecule of the bones, to become harder and stronger.

6) Improves Immunity: Tomatoes have been useful to eliminate or keep away the harmful viruses causing flu and common colds. Consuming tomato juices will help in enhancing your defence ability to fight against colds and flu.

7) Benefits Vision: Vitamin A is a crucial element to protect the health of the retina of your eyes. Its deficiency can lead to cause night blindness in your vision and you can lose your eye vision permanently. A single cup serving of delicious tomatoes offers almost 25% of vitamin A, a considerable element, which prevents night blindness and severe vision issues.


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