7 Causes of Asthma

7 causes of asthma - wholikeit.com

7 causes of asthma - wholikeit.com

1) Pollutant or Dust Particles: Asthma attacks are often triggered in high polluted areas. Due to high pollution the air particles get mixed with dust mittens and grass pollens. This often causes allergy like sneezing of nose and even skin rashes. Asthma is a type of breathing problem, which is majorly caused due to these external pollutants. So, if you are suffering from the disease of Asthma, stay away from these dust mites and pollutants.

2) Environment and Quality of Air: The air surrounding our environment often contains mold spores, dust particles and pollen. These allergens are mostly mixed with the air particles and circulate in the air surrounding us. As soon as we inhale the atmospheric air, some of the pollens enter into our respiratory system. The respiratory system thereby faces some breathing disorders and due to some allergic reactions the disease of Asthma occurs. Breathing in poor quality air often leads to asthma attacks.

3) Food Elements: Some of the specific food group are highly allergic for the body. Food allergies can definitely trigger asthma attacks. Some of the typical food elements, which could be included in such food group are:

  • Wheat
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Shrimps

Even the added preservatives present in many foods can be extremely dangerous for the health. People suffering from asthma should be very particular about their food choice.

4) Habit of Smoking or Inhaling the Smoke: Excessive habit of smoking can often lead to asthma attacks. The smoke that is released out of cigarettes, cigars or smoke pipes is extremely dangerous for the respiratory system. The smoke that comes out of these smoking products can often trigger asthma attacks and can even lead to complex respiratory issues.

5) Effect of Other Viral Diseases: Some of the viral infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, cold and flu, can often lead to nasal blockage and breathing disorders. These diseases can infect your lung and cause complex respiratory infection. This can definitely give rise to Asthma and the person can suffer from acute breathing trouble.

6) Excessive Exercise: Though we know that, exercise is great for our health. Exercise helps to maintain the fitness of our body .But sometimes; excessive exercise can greatly induce excess pressure on your lungs and respiratory system. Thus, extreme tiring exercise can be harmful for a weak person and it may trigger asthma attack. To avoid these, try practicing light exercises, yoga and meditation instead.

7) Genetics: Asthma is a type of chronic disease often carried in genes. If your parents are suffering from asthma, your chances and probability of suffering from asthma increases.

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