7 Benefits of Regular Exercise

benefit of regular exercise - wholikeit.com

benefit of regular exercise - wholikeit.com

There are plenty of researches that prove that, one of the most vital components of a healthy life is physical activity or regular exercise. Regular exercise has a positive and enhancing effect on both your body as well as mind. Even a small increase in our daily level of physical activity can drastically improve your health and mind. For every bit of exercise we do in a day, we use up a calorie, which translates into weight loss and maintenance of a healthy body. The benefit of regular exercise includes:–

1) Manage Your Weight: Even if you don’t have any extra weight or fats, regular exercise can help you to maintain your weight so you don’t gain any extra fat in the body. Exercise along with a healthy diet is the only way of remaining fit and healthy. When you exercise regularly, you burn the excess calories and maintain the optimum body weight

2) Strengthens Your Heart and Lungs: Exercise helps in supplying the oxygen to all the different parts of your body. This enhances the working capacity of hearts and lungs, which thereby helps to improve your breathing and blood circulation. When your organs are not stresses, it helps you to enhance your energy level and also helps to bring down the strain or excessive tension. Strain on your heart and lungs can lead to diseases such as a heart attack, stroke, breathing problems and asthma. Exercising regularly can help lessen these horrible medical complications.

3) Stronger Bones: The small bones of your body, the skeletal muscles and joints are also developed and maintained properly with the help of  regular exercise and light warm ups. The better bone structure will help the body to get a perfect posture. Even the bone structure can help to carry the body weight effectively. It also helps to eradicate the disease named osteoporosis that occurs in old ages.

4) Eradicates Heart Diseases: We all know that exercise makes our body parts and heart stronger. It also enhances the functioning of your heart muscles and proper circulation of blood. When you exercise regularly, especially performing cardio exercises, your heart is made to pump efficiently and your blood circulation improves and thus reduces the risk of heart diseases.

5) Improves the Condition of Lungs: The lungs are the organs responsible for absorbing the oxygen in the body. In exercise, you will enhance the working capability of your lungs and train them to function more efficiently under physical stress or strain. When your lungs are extremely fit and healthy, they can simply function better and the level of oxygen in your body would definitely enhance.

6) Improves Energy Level: Although you may feel exhausted when you first begin your exercise program, that will quickly change as your body adjusts to the new demands. There are more than thousand clinical studies to support the energy-boosting properties of regular exercise.

7) Reduces Stress: If you want to experience the stress-alleviating properties of exercise, you should choose some form of exercise which you really enjoy. Struggling through an exercise program which you hate will only add to your stress level. But if you like the activity you have chosen, you will benefit from your body’s release of stress-fighting chemicals during your exercise, and as your body neutralizes stress-related chemicals, you’ll be rewarded with clearer, firmer and younger looking skin.

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