7 Amazing Tips to Improve Your Immunity

how to increase your immunity power - wholikeit.com

how to increase your immunity power - wholikeit.com

Boosting your immune system is completely in your own hands. You will have to follow some simple tips and precautions to overcome your health problems. For a developing a good immune system, you definitely need to consume a proper and healthy nutritious diet. You can also try to exercise on a regular basis and try to reduce excessive stress. To stay healthy with high immunity, you should follow these essential tips:–

1) Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and Vegetables are highly nutritious for your body and they are easily digested, absorbed and utilized by your body. A very small amount of energy goes into digesting these foods and hence they can easily get rid of the waste they produce, compared to fast foods, processed foods and fatty foods. These fruits and green vegetables are also full of essential nutrients that improve your immune system and health.

2) Exercise Regularly: While the food you eat is very important, you should also not neglect to do exercises regularly. Always maintain the habit of exercising regularly, so that your metabolic rate is always maintained at a constant level. You can even try light exercises like jogging, morning walk, warm ups or simple yoga. Exercising can definitely help to enhance your immunity level and fight against harmful diseases.

3) Eliminate Sugar from your Diet: One of the best ways to stay away from harmful diseases is to decrease the amount of sugars you consume in your daily diet. It is impossible to eliminate sugar from your diet entirely, but you can reduce the quantity. You certainly can eliminate excess sugars from your diet, especially those that come in caffeinated beverages, candy bars, sweets, chocolates because these sugars do not add any value to your diet.

4) Sleep Well: Your immunity will also benefit greatly if you get an adequate amount of rest. The amount of sleep that a person requires is approximately 8 hours a day. Make sure that you get the right amount of sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed when you wake up in the morning. Our body produces growth enhancing hormones during a sleep condition. Lack of sleep is reported to increase the levels of stress hormones in your body and thus hampers the immune function. Inadequate sleep is found to enhance your chances of getting infected and be more disease prone.

5) Reduce Stress: Excessive stress, whether physiological or physical is found to affect harshly on the immune system of our body. Long-term stress can set to release the harmful stress hormones that act on our body adversely and can be very harmful.

6) Keep Smiling and Stay Happy: The best aspect about smiling and letting your heart remain calm and happy is to minimize the levels of stress hormones in your body and enhance the immunity power of the body. Even stress and panic disorders can be treated through laughing therapy.

7) Eat Anti-Oxidant Rich Foods: Consuming adequate amount of antioxidant-rich diet is the best ways to curb free radical and optimize your immune system adequately. You need to include a variety of fruits and green vegetables in your diet, as this contains high amount of antioxidants, which is important to produce a positive impact on your immunity system.


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