10 Ways to Reduce Weight

how to reduce your weight - wholikeit.com

how to reduce your weight - wholikeit.com

We all are aware of the fact that the exercise alone cannot be the sole solution to eliminate your excess body fats. But we need to follow a disciplined lifestyle in the form of food, exercise and rest to attain a perfect balance in the daily routine. Time management is the most important factor to form such disciplined time table.
Firstly, we need to follow some simple and basic steps of weight loss. You need to lower down your calorie consumption; so that the burning of the extra fats can take place rapidly. Regular exercise can further pay more emphasis of burning calories. Positive thinking is another important aspect, where the body gains extra energy through the calmness and positive approach to all difficult situations. You can boost your confidence through positive thinking and try out the difficult regime to make your body healthy and fat free.

1) Drink Plenty of Water: Water is a vital element to keep your body hydrated and eliminates all the unwanted toxins from the body. So drinking plentiful water would definitely help to lose weight. On the other hand, drinking soft drinks can raise your calorie intake and turn you obese.

2) Eat Green Vegetables: Vegetables contain essential fibres and nutrients to maintain proper functioning of the body .The fibres absorb the body fats and eliminate them. Some vegetables contain a high percentage of alkaline elements, which is helpful in reducing weight.

3) Avoid Junk and Oily Food: Some of the saturated fats like coconut oil, palm oil or butter raise the fat level of the body. Hence, we should try to avoid oily and junk food.Insteaad of that we can use olive oil, fish oil, groundnut oil. These oils are great for your body as well as heart.

4) Sleep Well and Let Your Body Relax: Sleeping is extremely important because it helps in maintaining your body’s metabolism rate and keeps your body active and energized. Proper sleep also helps in rejuvenating your body muscles.

5) Try out Walking as Exercise: You should definitely try out morning or evening walks, to shed your calories. Even using stairs is very beneficial for the body. These help to stretch your muscles and lose your extra pounds.

6) Plan your Snacks in Proper Interval: You always need to maintain a proper time table of eating snack. You need to maintain a proper time chart and plan them in proper intervals of time. Excessive snacks can raise your calorie intake.

7) Eat Slower: Proper chewing and eating slowly is an important aspect to lose weight. The more time you take to chew, you will feel full quickly.

8) Consume Fresh Fruits: Fruits are the best nutritious food for the body. Due to variety of nutrients present in the fruit, they are extremely helpful in maintaining your weight.

9) Avoid Chocolate or Artificial Drinks: You need to replace the high calorie chocolates with this low calorie snacks. Drinking excess amount of chocolates would raise your fat level.

10) Consume Anti-Oxidants Rich Food: Anti-oxidants are great in supporting the body’s oxidation process and hence support in shedding weight. It also initiates to bring down the stress level and keep the body fresh and relaxed.

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