10 Healthy Ways to Control Your Appetite

healthy ways to control your appetite - wholikeit.com

healthy ways to control your appetite - wholikeit.com

There are many numerous methods that can be adopted in your daily life to get the habit of controlling your appetite and leading a healthy and peaceful life. The following ten ways are proved to be extremely effective and easy for everyone to implement in their daily life.

1) Regular Exercise: Exercise is a proven to be an excellent way to control your appetite. Regular exercising stimulates brain chemicals known as endorphins and thus control appetite effectively. These chemicals produced during the process of exercising help to reduce your body pain. Hence these elements act majorly in reducing your appetite and maintaining your proper health.

2) Drink Water in Sufficient Amount: The human body has a larger craving for thirst, to keep the body hydration at normal rate .Hence; drinking water at regular interval of time will help to keep your appetite in control. Water is one of the most important tools of weight loss and hunger control. Water not only flushes your body of impurities, but it also keeps the stomach full.

3) Avoid Added Sugars in Your Drinks: Many researchers have already proven that the artificial chemical sweeteners added in carbonated drinks or sodas are harmful for your appetite. So you should try to avoid diet sodas or artificial drinks with added sugars.

4) Eat Fibres: Fiber is good for your health, especially in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. You get plenty of vitamins and nutrients and because of their bulk,and you’ll quickly satisfy your appetite.

5) Don’t Skip Meals: Skipping meals leads to one of two things. Overeating at the next meal or it causes your metabolism to slow down. In order to ensure you keep your appetite under control consistent, you need to have frequent small meals at regular interval of time in a day.

6) Avoid Sugars and Starches: Foods with a high GI are broken down quickly into sugars, which lead to rapid rise and fall in blood sugar levels. Moreover, these elements are rapidly stored in muscle and fat tissue, causing huge health issues.

7) Eat Slowly: The simplistic technique of eating is to chew your food properly. This helps you to digest your food in a better way and the additional time, that it takes to chew, helps to suppress your appetite. As a result, it would cut down the total intake and help you in losing weight and controlling appetite.

8) Complete Sleep: Lack of sleep may lead to disturb several hormonal functions within your body and can cause harmful health problems. Moreover, most people tend to compensate for lack of sleep or loss of energy, by overeating or drinking calories or high fat foods. Hence, a steady sleep per night will help in controlling those hormonal appetite cravings.

9) Cool off your Appetite with a Mild Soup: Having a bowl of broth or vegetable clear soup, for a first course will probably end up eating fewer total calories at that meal. Creamy or high-fat soups could not meet such requirements; hence try to consume low-cal, high-fiber choices like tomato or vegetable soups.

10) Consume Milk (or other Low-Fat Dairy Foods): Consuming low-fat dairy foods is a great way to increase the intake of proteins, which are thought to be the best appetite suppressors. And drinking milk may be especially effective.


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