10 Health Benefits of Guava

health benefits of guava - wholikeit.com

health benefits of guava - wholikeit.com

Guavas are often regarded as one of the super foods and also one of the most nutritious fruits to offer a huge number of health benefits. The fruit is rich in Vitamin C and various other essential nutrients. It is a fruit with an unusual combination of nutrients, calcium and minerals. This fruit also contains essential Vitamins, iron, folate and dietary fibre.

The health benefits of guava are discussed below:–

1) Treats Diarrhoea: Guava helps to eradicate the harmful disease of diarrhoea. The guava leaves can be boiled at an optimum temperature and the juice hence obtained can be very beneficial to heal cuts or wounds.

2) Good for Skin: Guavas are also extremely beneficial for all skin types. You can definitely get rid of all your skin problems by consuming guava. Even a raw guava can be very helpful to maintain the glow of your skin. As the fruit is rich in various nutrients and minerals, it helps to tighten your skin and prevents early ageing or skin wrinkling. To maintain a healthy and young skin, you should definitely include guava in your diet.

3) Improves Immunity Power: Guavas contain high proportion of Vitamin C in it. This Vitamin C helps to enhance the immunity power of the body and help you stay away from harmful infections.

4) Good for Diabetes: Guavas are rich in dietary fibres and hence they are highly preferred for diabetic patients. The essential nutrients and edible fibres present in guava help to increase the insulin level of the body and thereby maintain the blood sugar level.

5) Improves Eye Sight: Guavas contain small proportion of Vitamin A. This vitamin A helps to improve the condition of your eyes and also eliminates the problem of night blindness or partial imparity of vision.

6) Good in Pregnancy: Guavas essentially have high percentage of Folic acid in it. This folic acid is highly recommended for pregnant women. The folic acid or Vitamin B9 can help in proper development of baby’s tissue system and protects the newborn from any kind of neurological complexities.

7) Relaxes Nerves: Magnesium is one of the essential minerals required for proper functioning of your body. Consuming guavas can help relax the nerves and muscles, as it contains a good amount of magnesium.

8) Good for Mental Health: Brain is the main processing part of our body and hence to maintain a healthy mental health, we need to include Guavas in our diet. Guavas contain essential vitamins including Vitamin B3 and B6, which thereby helps in controlling and enhancing the blood circulation of the body.

9) Treats Constipation: Generally constipation is caused when food is stuck in our colon. This fruit is rich in dietary and thus used in clearing the blocked path of stool passage and thus cures constipation problems.

10) Improves Hormonal Activity: The element Copper, present in guava, helps in the production and absorption of hormones in the body. This property helps in improving the function of your endocrine glands, which is responsible for the hormonal activity.

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