Keto Diet: For Beginners

keto diet for Beginners
keto diet for Beginners

What is Keto Diet?

If you are one of them who are looking for losing weight, and tired of trying al the meal plans?

Then, Keto diet is undoubtedly for you. Because this diet plan is suggested by doctors eve. Many people have experienced transformation after eating a keto diet based foods. A ketogenic diet is a diet which helps you in staying fit on a low carb diet, which not only burns fats but also improves health performance.

Keto word arrived from ketones which are small fuel molecules and are produced by the body when there is a shortage in supply of blood sugar, and these are created if you eat low carbs and moderate protein in your diet. These are produced from fat by the liver, and is useful for the brain as well, as it bran requires a lot of energy instead of fat. Therefore, to balance the blood sugar in your body, the body switches for ketones which act as fuel. Further, leading to the burning of excess fat from the body. So, this method of reducing weight is beneficial because it won’t make you hungry more and can provide you adequate energy required by the body,

And you might be surprised to know that when ketones are produced by your body, then it enters ketosis, a metabolic state, and the best way to reach there is fasting, but you cannot be on a fast forever. Whereas, if you opt for keto diet then your body enter this state that too without going for fasting.

The ketogenic diet is not meant for:

There are cons and pros of everything, but there are some myths related to the ketogenic diet. However, people whosoever been on this diet got positive results. But there are three groups of people who should consult a doctor before going for this diet plan, those people are as follows:-

-Diabetic Patient
– Blood pressure is often high
– If you are pregnant or breastfeed

Before moving towards the plan and food, you can have while dieting, let us discuss some foods and drinks which should be avoided while you are on the keto diet.

So if you are o keto diet take care if your sugar consumption as well as considers the amount of starch you are intaking. Starchy foods such as bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and processed foods are also rich in carbs.

Furthermore, food which is high in fat should be taken as body consumes around 75% of the energy from fast we eat. Therefore, avoid foods that are low in fast. Also, eat foods moderately high in proteins because 15-25% of energy is consumed from proteins we intake. And these fats and proteins and fats will get converted into blood sugar leading to weight loss.

Now, if we talk about drinking, then water is the perfect and healthy rink you can take when you are on a keto diet. Coffee and tea are also decent options if no sweetener is added into it, with a small amount of milk. Even you can go for a glass of red wine occasionally. 

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