8 Healthiest Fruits to Eat and their Benefits

health benefits of fruits

health benefits of fruits

A fruit which is beneficial for body and contains all the essential nutrients required for the growth of body is known as healthy fruit. Every fruit is rich in some nutrients and has its own benefits. Here, we are going to discuss the 8 fruits with top rich nutrients .

A) Blueberries: these are perennial flowering plants , which looks like berries with indigo-colour. The blue color of this fruit is because of the presence of anthocyanin. blueberry is a great source of fibre, vitamin C, vitamin K and antioxidants.

Benefits :
1. It helps adults and old people to improve their memory.
2. Blueberry has anti-cancer agents which helps your body to fight against cancer and to protect body from many diseases. Anti-cancer agents are present because of the presence of anthocyanin.
3. Blueberries helps in lowering the blood pressure. Blood pressure level increases because of the presence of sodium , but blueberry is free of sodium. So, it’s consumption helps in maintaining blood pressure .
4. Blueberry is rich in iron, calcium , vitamin K. Each of these is responsible in increasing elasticity of bones and joints. So, blueberry has a great role in maintaining bones healthy and strong.

B) Avocado: Avocado is a green-skinned pear shaped fruit. Avocado is a botanically like a beery having only one seed . But the most important thing to remember is that Avocado is not beneficial for all , some people have allergy with this fruit and sometimes it’s acids, leaves, fruits, seeds are toxic and very harmful to birds and animals.

1. Avocado lowers the heart disease risks.
2. It helps in improving brain functions.

C) Grapefruit: Grapefruit is named so because it is growing in cluster and look like grapes. It vary it colour from white or yellow to pink or red. Grapefruit is like a cross or similarity between an orange and a pomelo with the rich amount of vitamin C.

1. Grapefruit acts like a magic for weight loss.
2. It lowers the risk of stroke in women who consumes less vitamin C.
3. It helps in preventing dehydration and making skin healthy.

D). Pomegranate: pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruit . It is like a red apple having a flower shaped stem on it. It is full of all nutrients required for the body.

Benefits :
1. It may lower the heart disease risks as it is free of cholesterol.
2. It gives enough nutrients to fight against the breast cancer .
3. It control the blood sugar level and blood pressure level.

E) Mango : mango is yellow coloured loaded with fiver, vitamin A, vitamin C fruit. Mango is also known as the king if fruits. Beyond the taste, it has abundance of vitamin and nutrients.many manufacturer have introduced jelly, squash, spices with pure mango flavour.

Benefits :
1. Consumption of atleast one mango per day definitely cures the constipation, piles.
2. It includes all necessary minerals and nutrients which is required in pregnancy.

F) Cranberries: cranberries are like a festive holiday treat , rich in oxidants which means give enough energy or nutrients to fight against serious diseases.

1. These are very low in calorie but high in vitamins which helps in maintain good health and body.
2. These are very rich in fiber and nutrients which are useful for bones, teeth. But the person who use blood thinners should consult their doctor before increasing the amount of consumption.

G) cherries: cherry is a red coloured fruit which is categorized in two types – sweet or sour. Sweet cherry is used for eating and sour cherry used for cooking purpose. Cherry fruit is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, fibers which protects the body from many diseases.

1. It helps in curing insomnia.
2. It lowers the threaten of blood pressure.

H) Pineapple: pineapple is a good which include enzymes that helps in digestion of proteins. It should be a part of salad which is very required for our body.

1. Pineapple reduces the danger of asthma.
2. It’s consumption increase the fertility of women.
3. Pineapple reduces the threaten of blood pressure, diabetes , skin treatment.
4. Pineapple controls the blood sugar level.

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