7 Reasons of Having Olive Oil in your Diet

benefits of olive oil

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The health benefits of olive oil are extensive with new positive attributes. Olive oil, which is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, is a key ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. According to various researches, populations from that region seem to have a lower probability of heart disease, blood pressures and ulcers.
In addition, to add immense boost in immunity system and helping to protect against viruses, olive oil has also been intensely effective in fighting against diseases. The health benefits are so many and all very important; because it is made of good fats, not only is cholesterol-free, but also has actually been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and therefore protect from heart diseases. The best reasons of including olive oil in your diet are as follows:–

1) Regulates Blood Pressure: Olive oil contains poly phenol chemicals, which are thought to bolster nitric oxide levels, support arterial health, and keep blood pressure under control. Regular consumption of olive oil can help decrease the blood pressure levels in humans.

2) Reduces Risk of Diabetes: Traditionally olive oil has a very low content of lipids and hence often prescribed to people suffering from heart disease and diabetes. Olive oil may also protect you from diabetes, because it lowers the insulin levels, it can protect you from different types of cancer like skin, breast or colon cancer. Many researchers have already proved that an olive oil-rich diet prevents the disease of diabetes, as it lowers the glucose level in blood.  Due to its adverse effect on cholesterol, olive oil also prevents a series of diseases that are very frequent in diabetic patients such as atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

3) Keeps your Heart Healthier: A diet rich in olive oil may enhance your heart health.  As we grow older, the heart passes through a normal aging process. The arteries may stop working and functioning properly and this can lead to numerous heart diseases. Olive oil is known to lower the levels of blood cholesterol and a diet rich in olive oil could definitely improve the arterial function of elderly persons.
4) Helps in Digestion: Olive oil enhances the production of essential peptides and amino acids, which support healthy digestion and aid in nutrient absorption. Its protective purpose has valuable results in ulcers and individuals who suffer from gastritis.

5) Reduces Constipation: Olive oil serves as a lubricant for the digestive system and helps in easy and smooth passage of the stool, thus relieving the problem of constipation. It enormously strengthens the digestive system and also helps to prevent the gastro-intestinal problems like gastric and peptic ulcers.

6) Helps in Weight Loss: Most people avoid olive oil because it is dense and high in calories. It is a common misconception that consuming olive oil can cause weight gain. In fact, modern researches have shown that olive oil may help with weight loss. Olive oil keeps you full of energy and also reduces hunger thriving. It also reduces sugar cravings in people.

7) Minimizes Cancer Pain: Olive oil contains the essential phytonutrient, which reduces the pain very effectively and thereby reduces inflammation. It also contains certain elements and nutrients, which can reduce the chances of recurrence of cancers, ulcers, peptides and especially breast cancer.


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