7 Reasons of Eating Anti Oxidant Food

anti oxidant food for your body - wholikeit.com

anti oxidant food for your body - wholikeit.com

One of the essential components in enhancing your lifestyle and living a vigorous and healthy lifestyle are antioxidants. There are lots of natural antioxidant supplements available in the market that can aid you in maintaining a healthy and disease free life. Even though you get antioxidants, by eating whole foods but you can even take supplements. One of the advantages of antioxidants is cell protection of your body cells. Antioxidants majorly aid in inhibiting your cells from damage. This directly helps you resist various harmful diseases. It may happen when that your body may become more vulnerable in catching illnesses, hence sufficient intake of vitamins and antioxidants are really important for healthy immune function.
The essential reasons for having anti oxidant food are discussed below:–

1) Reduces the Risk of Cancer: Anti oxidant rich foods possess the ability to free radicals that can increase the risk of cancer in human body. Antioxidants are therefore helpful to protect the body against cancer. According to the various researches made by several medical Institutes states, that the dietary antioxidant eliminates the risk of harmful cancers.

2) Protects Against Heart Disease: The presence of free radicals in the body can lead to inflammation in the walls of your arteries and can result to cause serious heart issues. Food rich in antioxidants prevents the oxidation of bad cholesterol and also helps in eliminating the risk of acute heart attacks or coronary diseases. Amongst the popular antioxidants, the nutrient Vitamin E has been observed to reduce the risk of heart disease among the people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

3) Reduces the Symptoms Inflammation: Numerous immunological diseases including arthritis and joint pains are caused out of inflammation and are responsible for acute joint pains. Antioxidants are the natural anti-inflammatory agents to prevent these minor joint pains and aids in your relief from pains.

4) Boosts your Immune Function: Eating antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables is the best possible ways to cherish your immunity. The essential immune cells fight against disease producing germs, bacteria and viruses, by creating a natural defense mechanism. Your immune cells become more active, in the presence of these dietary fibres. Antioxidants also help in rapid recovery from diseases and viral infections like cold or flu.

5) Slows Down the Aging Process: Eating fresh fruits is extremely beneficial for the skin. Fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamin E and C, help to degrade the process of aging and thereby maintain the glow of your skin. Aged persons above 40 are recommended to have anti oxidant rich food in their daily diet, to enhance their skin glow and prevent it from the aging effect.

6) Prevents Muscular Degeneration: Specific vitamins and minerals that act as antioxidants help to prevent harmful eye diseases. According to various researches, vitamin C, E, beta-carotene and zinc were associated to lower down the rate of the age-related macular degeneration in aged individuals.

7) Reverse Memory Loss: Antioxidants present in dietary fibres are seem to eliminate oxidative stress in the brain cells and hence protect against the risk of memory loss, reduced concentration and low mental energy. These anti oxidants also help in cognitive development of the brain cells thereby enhancing the capacity of human memory to memorize.


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